Which Ground Covers For The Backyard Are The Easiest To Care For?

Ground covers come in all imaginable colors and shapes, so you will find the right companions for your garden style. We’ve gathered all the information you need about these practical plants to help you make your garden an even more beautiful place.

Definition Of Ground Covers

How Are Ground Covers Defined?

Groundcovers are low, flat-growing plants such as perennials, roses, grasses, or shrubs that completely cover the ground. They are not considered a botanical plant group, but are defined by their characteristics: Once planted, they grow to cover the area extremely quickly. Ground covers are very low maintenance, as they suppress weeds and require little watering or fertilizing. They are especially suitable for garden areas where hardly any other plants grow. Slopes, shaded areas under trees and shrubs, hydrangeas or roses, or even border areas of lawns are beautified by these plants. Ground cover species are numerous, and ground cover roses are from their class. There are beautiful flowering and evergreen ground covers, which beautify your garden even in winter and protect against weeds, for example, goutweed. Beautify your garden with groundcovers in all varieties and colors.


Benefits & Advantages Of Ground Covers

What Are The Benefits & Advantages Of Ground Covers?

Ground covers are not only a visual asset to your garden, filling empty spaces quickly and colorfully. They also have many useful properties, such as being very low maintenance and hardy. Many of these plants and grasses grow over your areas all by themselves, are winter hardy, and thus offer a beautiful sight even in the cold season. In a wide variety of shapes and colors such as blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, red, and white, ground covers offer a great embellishment to your garden. Individual species of these plants are even tread-resistant, allowing them to be used as lawn substitutes. Furthermore, ground covers are a good weapon against weeds, which effectively crowd out and keep away from your vegetable beds. In any case, the enrichment of the garden by ground covers is not only visual. To top it all off, the initial cost of ground cover plants turns out to be relatively low. Why not try annual groundcovers first if you’re still not sure?

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