What Is An Infinity Pool

What Is An Infinity Pool? 5 Things You Should Know

What is an infinity pool? The term is dramatic, and the appearance matches, but what exactly is an infinity pool? The backyard feed co-team will give you the skinny on everything infinity pool and help you determine whether it’s the correct solution for your backyard hideaway in this post.

An infinity pool, also known as an infinity edge pool or a zero edge pool, is a reflecting or swimming pool in which the water flows over one or more edges, creating the illusion of water without a boundary.

What Is An Infinity Pool

Such pools are frequently created with the edge blending into a bigger body of water, such as the ocean, or with the sky, and may overlook natural landscapes and cityscapes. They are frequently seen in hotels, resorts, estates, and other opulent settings.


The infinity pool concept is said to have originated in France, and one of the first vanishing-edge designs was the Stag Fountain at the Palace of Versailles, completed in the late 17th century.

In the United States, architect John Lautner is recognized as being one of the first to create an infinity pool in the early 1960s. Infinity pools were used in several home buildings, and he also designed the vanishing-edge pool in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.


Infinity pools are costly to build because they require substantial structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing. Because they are frequently built in perilous areas, sound structural engineering is essential. The sophisticated foundation systems that tie swimming pools to hillsides sometimes contribute to their exorbitant cost.

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The pool’s “infinite” edge ends at a weir that is 116 to 14 inches (2 to 6 mm) lower than the appropriate pool water level. A trough or catch basin is built beneath the weir. The water runs into the catch basin and is pumped back into the pool.

What Is An Infinity Pool?

The name is derived, predictably, from the appearance of the pool. Because there is no standard pool boundary on one side, the water spills over the edge, creating the illusion of boundless water to swim in. This effect is best created by pools positioned against a blue sky backdrop – the ‘edge’ of the pool will flow seamlessly into the setting, enhancing the ‘infinite’ effect.

How Does An Infinity Pool Function?

The water that pours over the edge of the pool does not just fall to the floor, creating a puddle, or land on the heads of persons strolling beneath a roof-top installation.

Infinity pools employ a ‘catch basin’ along the outside base of the pool wall to catch the water that falls from the edge and recirculate it into the main pool to maintain the ‘infinite’ supply of water.

The catch basin is fully hidden from view from the pool’s other three sides, which helps to preserve the illusion and create the seamless, gorgeous aspect that makes infinity pools so appealing.

How Do I Maintain An Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools require routine maintenance to ensure that they operate securely and properly.

Some of you reading this have a pool cleaner that looks after your pool; however, if they are away for the holidays or you do not have a pool cleaner, check out our basic checks below.

  1. The catch basin will need to be cleaned for it to pump water as needed and to avoid pumping unclean water back into the pool.
  2. To avoid the chance of clogs, the drain must be clear. Blockages can cause backups, which can lead to leaks and flooding.
  3. Make careful to replenish the water levels as needed. The catch basin will catch most of the water, but some will eventually splash out and evaporate. Adding water to the pool helps maintain it fully.
  4. The pH level of your infinity pool is critical to its hygiene. Check the pH balance as well as the chlorine content regularly. If there is too much chlorine in the pool, stop adding more for a while and continue to use the pool. This will naturally reduce the levels, as well as sunlight. If the chlorine levels are too low, you can boost them with chlorine tablets or liquid/powder.
  5. Check that the pump is in good operating order. If there is apparent damage, the water isn’t pumping properly, or it’s producing weird noises, seek professional help to repair the problem.
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An infinity pool is a luxury that adds value to any home. There’s so much to appreciate about an infinity pool, from the calming sounds of your waterfall to the unusual vistas provided by the missing edge.

I hope this post has answered any of your questions regarding what is an infinity pool. Before building a swimming pool, educate yourself on the different types of swimming pool. You can also study about small backyard pool ideas if you want to create a swimming pool in a small backyard.