What do You Need For Garden Party? 3 Things You Should Know

A garden party is a special kind of party that can be organized for almost any occasion (birthday, anniversary party, wedding, etc.) and, of course, is always a highlight: delicious food, cozy get-togethers, and secluded summer evenings create a unique atmosphere in the open air.

If you have your garden or can grow an allotment, you have the best conditions to organize an unforgettable garden party. But if you are planning such a garden party, there are a few things to consider before you begin. We will help you with that.

Planning The Garden Party – Good Ideas For An Unforgettable Evening


Planning should begin by determining the number and type of guests. This is necessary to calculate how much seating and how much food or drink is needed. If you do not have enough chairs, simply contact a liquor dealer or a party service: they almost always offer beer tent sets for rent. Ideally, this will also save you from having to set up and take down your system.

It is also important to make sure a roof is available in case of an emergency. Never lose sight of the weather, even in the summer. If you don’t want or can’t simply move your guests inside in case of sudden rain, it makes sense to rent a pavilion or party tent with side walls that can open and close as desired. This tent can also accommodate a separate beer tap, for example, if the patio does not offer enough space. It is not unusual for the barbecue to be here, and that requires space.

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What Can Be Celebrated In The Garden?

There are numerous occasions to celebrate that can be moved to the garden. These are:

  1. Backyard farewell party
  2. Backyard Surprise party
  3. Backyard Birthday party ideas for adults
  4. Backyard 50th birthday party
  5. Backyard Wedding reception
  6. Backyard Pool party
  7. Christening
  8. Food and drinks at the garden party

Then it’s time to buy the drinks. There should be something for everyone because drinks are the most important thing at a garden party. Since parties in your garden usually take place during the hot summer months, it is advisable to refrigerate the bottles at least 24 hours in advance. A metal bowl filled with water and left in the freezer overnight will provide enough ice – add a pinch of salt and it won’t melt as quickly. For large parties, it is also advisable to buy drinks on consignment, and dishes and glasses can also be rented from a caterer. If you also order food from the same service provider, you usually even get a discount on the cost of dishes and such.

Tip: Prepare sufficient quantities of barbecue food, dips, and sauces yourself the night before and refrigerate them. That way you’ll have to do much less on the same day.

Another option, of course, is to prepare the food yourself. If the temperature is very high, dishes with raw eggs should be avoided. Cream cakes and ice cream are also not necessarily suitable for the heat – a chilled fruit salad is much tastier. In general, guests on hot days prefer to grab refreshing, cool treats or small bites rather than large and heavy dishes that are heavy on the stomach. French fries, goulash soup, and the like have no place at a garden party, but people prefer meatball skewers, colorful salads, or grilled dishes. Grilling and barbecuing, especially around fireplaces, are usually very popular (especially with men) and are usually a centerpiece of any garden party (see also Grill Party and the comprehensive Party Grill Comparison Test).

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If you want to save yourself a lot of work with the food, just ask your guests to bring something.

The Right Decoration For The Garden Party

Only the right decoration makes the atmosphere of a garden party perfect – because guests only like to spend their time wherever it’s cozy. Expensive, elaborate decorations are not necessary here, as you can create many beautiful things even with little money. If you scatter fresh flowers and fragrant grasses on the tables and put them in colorful bottles decorated with satin ribbons, the table decorations will look summery and light, and wonderfully informal. Floating candles with blossoms or citrus fruits in glass bowls are also a fun idea for the tables and buffet. If you have a pond, you can also use tea lights. Garden torches, which can be placed in different places in the garden and make dark corners of the garden cozy, also look particularly elegant.

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