The Cost of Terrace Construction In Detail

Depending on the type and location of the terrace, This is the cost of terrace construction in detail:

Terrace in front of extensive park A terrace overlooking an extensive park.


  1. planning
  2. excavation
  3. substructure
  4. flooring
  5. edging

The cost of terrace construction materials depends primarily on the size and requirements of the material. Precious floor slabs or valuable woods make construction more expensive. Labor costs are strongly dependent on the required effort, i.e. the necessary construction of the substructure and whether, for example, a staircase is needed.

Material Costs – The Cost Of Substructure And Flooring

Note: The prices quoted refer to one square meter and are to be understood as a guideline.

In the simplest case, only costs for chippings amounting to three to four euros are relevant. It is more realistic to additionally plan for the costs of a point foundation of concrete pillars for three to five euros.

If the terrace can not be laid at ground level, a wooden terrace makes sense. The beam construction will cost eight to ten euros. The floor covering from wooden planks with 35 to 45 euros. These costs add up to those for chippings and foundation.

If there is no great difference in height to be overcome, it is sufficient to pave the terrace and border the edge with stones. The kerbstones cost about 14 to 16 euros per meter and paving stones are already available for eight euros per square meter. For jointing sweeping material costs about three to four euros.

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Labor Costs For The Construction Of A Terrace

Naturally, before the building stands the planning. It is in principle meaningful to leave this to a specialist. He knows best how the substructure is to be built depending on the existing terrain and the condition of the subsoil. Depending on the effort, professional planning costs between 400 and 1,000 euros.

For the foundation and paving, 70 to 100 euros per square meter can be expected. Higher prices are possible if, for example, certain laying patterns or stones with irregular edges are desired.

Foundation and construction of a wooden terrace most companies charge 80 to 120 euros per square meter.

Terraces Are Not Allowed Everywhere

A building permit is rarely required for a terrace, but of course, anyone planning such an outdoor seating area should inquire beforehand. In general, rules regarding the appearance of the house must be observed. Also, neighbors should not be unnecessarily inconvenienced. Therefore, it makes sense to consult with them.

The construction of a terrace usually requires a building application. In this procedure, the authorities check whether a building permit is required or whether the construction is generally prohibited or permitted. These questions are clarified by the specialized companies during the planning of the construction.

Expensive Material Is Not Always The Best

The price of the building material says little about its durability. Expensive woods, for example, are rarer but not necessarily more durable than inexpensive ones. For patio slabs or paving stones, the price usually depends on the design. An expensive slab of natural stone may be more fragile than a simple concrete one.

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It is important durable flooring, which should choose according to abrasion, weathering, and UV resistance. At least on request, manufacturers provide relevant data on the expected durability.

Do Not Forget The Safety Of The Terrace

Terraces are often damp, and sometimes mosses and lichens form on the floor. A rough covering offers more stability than a smooth one. This should be considered when choosing the floor.

The cost calculations do not include a railing. This is not required from a legal point of view if the terrace floor is only just above the surrounding soil. Here it should be remembered that even small steps can lead to accidents. On the other hand, railings restrict freedom of movement.

Own Work Only After Consultation With The Specialist

Whenever the cost of the work exceeds the price of the materials, the question arises whether a do-it-yourselfer can do without a craftsman. When planning, no one should do without a professional. The preparation of the base, the construction of the foundation, and even the application of the covering can be done by a layman.

However, it is important to consult with a specialist company. It is not uncommon for the thriftiness of the builder to lead to considerable additional costs later on. For example, an improperly placed foundation will later cause the terrace to sink. Incorrectly laid flooring can damage the subsoil.


When choosing the floor, keep in mind: Patios are often damp, and sometimes mosses and lichens form on the floor. A rough covering provides more stability than a smooth one.

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