13 Best Small Backyard Patio Ideas

Small backyard patio ideas – It’s a big step through the back door: you’ve decided to build or remodel a patio. If your patio isn’t a traditional concrete slab – or if you’re roofing an existing patio – you need to choose patio materials that do more than just look good. A durable patio should be built with sturdy, long-lasting materials.

Whether you’re working alone or with a landscape architect or contractor, your budget, the size of the space, the color, and the architectural style of your home will influence your choice of materials. The same goes for availability: local stone blends into the neighborhood and doesn’t cost as much as harder-to-find materials that must be shipped, Here a few tips for small backyard patio ideas.

Surface safety and texture


When choosing materials, keep in mind what the patio will be used for and who will use it. A flat, smooth, and even surface is necessary for dining areas, living rooms, and accessibility. Rough cobblestones and bumpy concrete aggregate can create tripping hazards or hinder the mobility of people who use a cane, walker, or wheelchair. Conversely, very smooth surfaces such as polished concrete or granite can become slippery when wet. Apply a slip-resistant coating to high-traffic surfaces that can become slippery.

Consider Concrete

An attractive and cost-effective option is to use concrete pavers, which can be designed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Concrete can be finished with a variety of textures and surface treatments, including rock salt, aggregates, faux finishes, etching, stamping, and hand carving. Even items as simple as brooms or rakes can create interesting textured surfaces.

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Stone options

Check with a local stonemason or stone supplier to see what’s available in your area; this is one of those things you need to see up close and touch to make a wise decision. Popular stone types include:

– Flagpole

– Cobblestone

– Veneer stone

– Polished stone

Stone and concrete pavers are often laid at intervals, with the gaps filled with loose material such as gravel or sand, or groundcovers such as thyme or Irish moss.

Take a look at our favorite small backyard patio ideas here.

Small Backyard Patio Ideas

1. Paved patio with an open view.

If you have an elevated property with open ocean views, dirt paths, or vineyards, a paver patio with open views could be one of the best options.

Lay unpolished, irregularly shaped stone slabs with gravel in between to create a rustic feel. Complete it with the right landscaping and build seating and lights for a beautiful night view.

2. Tiered paver patio

The simplicity of pavers in neutral tones contrasting on a grid and against a backdrop of lush landscaping is a timeless and cost-effective idea to consider. The round seating, umbrella, and flagstone lattice are stylish but eye-catching. It doesn’t get much prettier than a paved patio.

3. Neutral Modern

Create a minimalist modern suburban patio with a combination of neutral-colored details. You can start with dark gray or charcoal gray pavers against a tropical background.

To give it a modern touch, you can use details like a mid-century modern sofa instead of wooden patio chairs. A small fireplace on the table is also great detail for a centerpiece.

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4. Zen style

This design is timeless because it relies on balanced landscaping and mixing different elements like wood, stone, and concrete. To enhance your patio, you can install a hardwood patio deck with bluestone pavers in between that will serve as a walkway.

You can extend the paved walkway to the main house or connect it to the garden by creating a lawn as a border. Create a luxurious gravel garden and use succulents and other tropical plants to complete the zen look of the patio.

5. Brick pavers patio

If you want a low-profile surface that won’t overwhelm the landscape with paving materials other than flagstone or cobblestone, opt for pavers. This will create a smooth and even surface. Instead of traditional red bricks, natural stone colors, bluestone, or gray bricks fit better.

With these colors, you can install eye-catching seating and colorful cushions to go with it. A fire pit in the center and equally colorful landscaping will complete it.

6. Small corner terrace

If you have limited backyard space but still want to create a patio, you can set up a corner patio that includes a fire pit and two to three chairs at the end of a garden path. Positioning it opposite a compact lawn makes a house in the suburbs more luxurious.

An elegant detail is to use dark-colored tiles or pavers for the flooring to match the fire pit.

7. Round paving terrace

Stone houses and sprawling lawns can be further enhanced by round corner paving. You can use bricks blocked with blue and anthracite.

In the center of the square can be a fireplace made of unpaved pavers. It is this detail that gives it a rustic character. A few wooden benches, a barbecue on one side, and the garden are ready.

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8. Curved wall

A boxy patio is what we can call a standard design, but some curved walls add dynamism to the whole design.

A curved wall can serve a dual purpose as it can be used as an additional seating area, or a curved wall can altogether be a secluded stone bench where some cushions can be placed.

However, make sure to make the most of all the other spaces as well. You could put another seating area on one side, a fire pit in the middle, and a grill on the other. Use neutral-colored pavers, bluestone pavers, or block pavers with a herringbone or herringbone pattern.

9. Pavers for the pool terrace

If you’re working with a patio that extends to the pool, you may want to add pavers to the pool edge as well. Instead of lawn and chairs by the pool, pavers provide a neat pool edge that matches the fire pit and patio.

You can use ashlar pavers, bricks, or bluestone/flagstone pavers with gravel or thin grass in between. As an alternative, you can also use blocked bricks.

10. Barbecue on the back of the terrace

To make the most of the patio you’ve built, you can fit a messy kitchen, bar, fire pit, and grill all in one space. Who doesn’t love having a brick fire pit on one side and a brick oven in a stone wall on the other?

You can also use a granite countertop in the center and a rustic brick or tile floor around the perimeter of the room. Throw out the wooden or wicker chairs, install soft lights around them, and you’re good to go.

A pergola topped with orange, gray, and blue flagstone is also a great option.