Small Backyard Oasis Ideas

The Best Small Backyard Oasis Ideas

Small backyard oasis ideas – As spring and summer approach, many are drawn back out into their gardens. But many are not satisfied with their garden. And that’s a shame because the garden is an important part of your home. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and spruce up your garden and its plants and hedges. After all, your garden is there to enjoy and relax in. With our tips, it’s easy to turn your small backyard into an oasis of relaxation. Get started today.

The Best Small Backyard Oasis Ideas :

Small Backyard Oasis Ideas

Plant Evergreen Shrubs

A green living environment helps us relax and deal with stress better. It has been scientifically proven that green plants have a positive impact on our health. Evergreen shrubs give your yard a beautiful green look all year round. Opt for an evergreen hedge in your garden! Yew, thuja (tree of life), and cherry laurel are particularly suitable hedge plants. Replace your old fence with a green hedge. You will be surprised what a difference it makes in your garden. Prefer not to have a hedge after all? Then plant individual evergreen shrubs.

Conifers are great for this. They can be beautifully pruned into shape. How about a ball, cone, or spiral shape? Cherry laurel, rhododendron, and Japanese holly can also be planted very well individually or within borders. On our webshop, you can order the different hedge plants starting from three pieces. So you don’t need to buy a whole hedge right away, you can simply choose individual evergreen shrubs!

Keep Your Garden In Optimal Condition

A beautiful garden is a healthy garden where shrubs, flowers, and perennials grow vigorously and thrive. Keep your garden in good condition to enjoy it to the fullest. Plants provide clean air and a beautiful sight, provided they are well cared for. Be sure to properly care for each plant in your garden. Most evergreen shrubs should be fertilized once or twice a year. Likewise, it is important to keep the soil life in your garden at its best.

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Enrich the soil in your garden occasionally with a fine layer of compost that you lightly work into the soil. Twice a year, preferably in the winter and then again in the summer, is quite sufficient. Be sure to prune your shrubs and bushes at the right time. After each pruning, the growth of new branches will be stimulated, keeping the shrubs nice and full, and dense. By fertilizing your plants regularly and paying attention to the condition of the soil, you will ensure that everything grows and blooms well in your garden.

Redesign Your Garden

Want to enjoy your garden to the fullest? Change the layout of your garden and completely redesign it. Often, the living room in a house goes out to the garden, so you can look into the greenery from the sofa. Of course, it’s all the more beautiful when the garden looks well-maintained. Make your garden part of your living room. Often we look from the living room to the tiled patio, while it is much nicer and more soothing to look at shrubs or trees, a pond, or flowers.

An easy way to incorporate your garden more into the living room is to keep the patio relatively small. This way, there is more room for small trees, shrubs, or other garden plants. Arrange your favorite plants so that you always have a view of them. Of course, there still needs to be enough room to be together with friends, family, or neighbors on balmy summer evenings. Would you rather have a large, spacious patio after all? Then use stylish planters in which you can plant and place evergreen shrubs or beautiful flowers. These planters will add an elegant touch to any terrace and can be easily moved aside when needed.

Buy Plants And Garden Accessories

On our webshop, we offer beautiful hedge plants and garden accessories to make your small backyard into an oasis. Do you want to plant a hedge and replace your old, boring fence? Order your new hedge quickly and easily on our webshop. You will find a wide selection of deciduous and evergreen hedges. Is a green hedge a bit boring after all? Then choose a beech or hornbeam hedge: these hedge plants will enrich your garden every autumn with a lush display of color. You have also come to the right place for ground covers and espalier trees.

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In our web store, you will find selected elegant or modern planters and planter boxes. Choose from planters made of steel, matte and high-gloss plastic, hardwood, galvanized steel, or aluminum. Planters and planter boxes come in a variety of sizes. They are perfect for planting hedge plants or flowers. Elegant, luxurious-looking plants such as holly and cherry laurel look especially nice in the containers. We have a huge selection of plants and matching planters. Choose your favorite plant for your patio. One thing is for sure: with our planters, you will give your garden a particularly charming look that invites you to linger. This is the easiest way to add extra greenery to your garden.

Do you have any questions about our hedge plants or garden accessories? Feel free to contact us. Our dedicated service team will be happy to help you!

How To Turn a Small Backyard Into an Oasis

Home sweet home, happiness alone – in these words there is a grain of truth. After all, having your plot of land with a garden offers opportunities that are denied to other people. How to turn such a small backyard oasis ideas? Hedges, benches, rose beds – and your pool enhances a garden. Especially with a pool, garden owners fulfill a dream that promises relaxing moments away from crowded beaches.

A pool can be many things, including the inflatable paddling pool, but if you want more, you should look into the topic of natural pools.

What Is A Natural Pool?

What is a natural pool? In other words, what is a natural pool not? Every wading pool needs to be emptied at some point because the water gets dirty and germs build up. The same is true for a swimming pool. Of course, it’s great to refresh and keep fit in the summer. Less great is the care – water without adding chemicals is not possible, because otherwise the risk of infection increases, which spoils the fun of swimming.

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Is there another way? Yes, if you value naturalness, a natural pool is a good choice. Because the natural pool is visually comparable with a swimming pool in the classic design, but still appears anything but sterile. In contrast to the white-bluish color scheme of normal pools, the bathing oasis from providers such as Pool for Nature blends harmoniously into its surroundings with its green hue.

Advantages Of Natural Pools

A natural pool offers several advantages. The water in natural pools is cleaned biologically by water plants or microorganisms. The bathing paradise thus remains free of chemicals. The water is cleaned by a neighboring pool, which frees the natural pool itself from fish or plants. Advantage: Maintenance requirements as well as associated financial expenses are kept within limits, unlike conventional pools or paddling pools.

Another advantage of natural pools: The water warms up on its thanks to its manageable size and relatively shallow depth. And no one has to fear skin reactions triggered by chemicals.

Care For Natural Pools

As already mentioned, a natural pool, once professionally installed, does not require much maintenance. Garden experts assume about two hours of care. And this is how the water in the natural pool can be kept clean and fresh for a long time:

  • use a small filter system to clean the dirty water
  • Regularly check the nutrient content
  • consciously select natural stone when choosing a natural pool

Natural Pool Versus Swimming Pond

What is the difference between natural pools and swimming ponds? What they have in common is that they treat water biologically without the addition of chemicals. Unlike the natural pool, plants – and plankton sedimentation – are responsible for purifying the water and keeping it clear.

In the natural pool, the water is pumped daily through a biofilm-building filter. In the filter, nutrients and suspended particles are bound and broken down by microorganisms. The water in the natural pool remains clear – even without aquatic plants, leaving more space for swimmers.

How the articles of best small backyard oasis ideas? hopes it can helps you get the rough ideas to turn your small backyard into an oasis. You can also read more about small backyard ideas that will blow your mind.