Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Do Myself

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Do Myself

The small backyard landscaping ideas do myself is dominating social media at will – but what’s behind this trend? One thing is already clear: there’s a good reason why DIY is so popular.

The reason is quite simple: fun. It’s fun to freely create a beautiful house and a wonderful garden, balcony, or terrace. And fun is infectious. But that’s not all, of course.

In this article you will learn:

  1. know the 6 advantages of small backyard landscaping do myself.
  2. what garden design mistakes you might still be making
  3. How to easily grow your garden yourself – without adding extra space.
  4. know our DIY secret tip for a low-maintenance, well-kept garden
  5. what upcycling is
  6. and know many creative ideas on how to implement upcycling in your garden
  7. how upcycling can do you (and not only your garden) good and make gardening easier
  8. Know 3 different types of gardens (including the soccer fan) and DIY ideas to match.

You’ll see: small backyard landscaping ideas do myself not just save DIYers, but just about anyone and everyone.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Do Myself

1. Do You Forgo These 6 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Do Myself Benefits?

If you’re already one of those DIY fans, you know the drill. You already know the numerous charms of the do-it-yourself trend. For everyone else, there’s a surprising insight or two to be gained:

Hands-on in the garden.

  1. you can be wonderfully creative with DIY. You’ll forget about time and even do something for your (mental) health in the process. Keywords: mindfulness and flow.
  2. anyone who has tried it knows that creating something new with your own hands brings joy and pride – and also a little amazement at the finished project.
  3. you improve your craftsmanship through DIY projects. It’s a useful skill that will most likely pay off in your future – not only in your garden but also in your home.
  4. You can also do something good for the environment by breathing new life into older materials or items. For more tips on how to do this, check out “Have you heard these upcycling ideas for your garden?”
  5. Especially when you incorporate old items into your Do It Yourself garden, you can save a lot of money. Both on new purchases and the disposal of materials.
  6. saving money is one thing – a unique garden peppered with completely individual garden furniture and accessories is another. This is how you make your garden a real eye-catcher. 6 Very good reasons to take a closer look at the possibilities of the Do-It-Yourself trend. Now it’s time to present to you our practical and decorative ideas to implement in your garden.

2. Do It Yourself: How to Make Your Garden Wider, Bigger, Or Cozier.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Long, wide, square, triangular, or tubular. A garden can have very different shapes. But for many, the garden is primarily too small – this is especially true for city dwellers. An unsightly problem, since the garden area can be made probably only in the rarest cases simply so larger.

But still, there are ways to stretch and expand the garden. The key to the solution lies in human perception. It is relatively easy to deceive – and we will show you how.

3. Are You Making These Avoidable Garden Design Mistakes?

With the fashion shows in Paris or Milan, this is not a new insight. Of course, the color choice has a big impact on perception. But are you aware that this also affects your garden?

If you make the wrong choice, you will make your garden, which may already be small, look even squatter. Yellow, orange, or red flowers, for example, have a very different effect than blue or white ones and make your garden look smaller from a distance.

This also applies to walls or fences, which are often primarily intended to provide privacy in your garden. However, both have the disadvantage of making your garden appear much smaller than it already is. Here it can help to rely on a more “holey” privacy screen. This brings more light into the garden, making your green kingdom appear much lusher.

However, if you can’t (or don’t want to) shake your privacy screen, you should at least consider doing without additional straight lines along the walls or fences – for example, dead-straight flower beds or gravel paths. Otherwise, your garden will look even narrower.

4. For The Cozy (Small) Garden or Balcony

Since green space is expensive, you should quickly figure out how to visually enlarge your garden or even take advantage of the strengths of a small garden.

After all, it is not for nothing that they say: small but beautiful. For example, with the right idea, you can turn even a small balcony into a real paradise. For example, how about a beautiful and inexpensive cozy corner? For this, you only need a simple guest mattress, which you can decorate and make yourself nice and cozy on it.

Another beautiful trick is the mirror with shutters. At first, such a decorative element looks like a window, but by mirroring it, you simply visually enlarge your balcony. This also quite practically expands your field of vision. It quickly gives you completely new perspectives on your garden.

5. Is Your Garden Too Narrow? These DIY Design Tips Can Help

Many gardens suffer, at least in part, from an unattractive tubular shape. In most cases, this is not even a conscious decision, such as in the case of a terraced garden. But with a few tricks, you can give your garden much more fullness and size. These include, for example:

  1. open or see-through side borders.
  2. diagonal paths through the garden
  3. visible transverse joints
  4. rounded areas (not oval)
  5. visual restrictions, such as a pergola or parasol
  6. a small and selective choice of plants (important: do not overcrowd the garden!)
  7. climbing plants that extend the garden in height while requiring little floor space.

With these guidelines in mind, you can quickly make your Do It Yourself garden appear wider and thereby enhance it.

6. For A Short And Wide Do It Yourself Garden.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Do Myself

But of course, a garden can be too wide for your taste. If your garden tends to be wide, side borders in particular will help lengthen your green space in depth. Straight paths in the garden have a similar effect, especially if the path narrows towards the back. Our human eye then sees this as a greater distance. A combination of straight paths and small gates can extend your garden so quickly.

7. Our Secret Tip for A Particularly Low-Maintenance Garden

If you like low maintenance, you will love gravel and stones. Because with these natural materials you have unlimited possibilities to design your garden individually. There are no limits to your creativity here. Stones can be easily painted and decorated, but also lined up in certain formations to create particularly targeted effects.

For example, you can use white gravel to conjure up wonderful contrasts with a green meadow or colorful plants in your garden. This looks particularly noble – and always well-kept. However, you will find even more creative ideas if you look into the new trend of upcycling.

8. Do You Already Know These Upcycling Ideas For Your Garden?

How often have you heard the following 3 words: Can this go? Probably more times than you can count off the top of your head. But still, you remember them. Because often these words arouse displeasure, discomfort, and pain of separation. After all, your parents’ or grandparents’ discarded items have a history. A story that you know – and cherish.

But we have good news for you: with upcycling, you don’t have to say goodbye to your old items, but instead breathe new life into them. A new purpose – in your garden.

What this means for you is that you turn supposed trash into art. You produce less waste and give bulky waste a chance to give your garden a unique atmosphere. This not only promotes the sustainability of your garden.

With these special Do It Yourself garden projects, you will always preserve and awaken fond memories of times long gone. But most importantly, you now have a garden with individual charm in the here and now. We are happy to introduce you to a few of these garden ideas – and go beyond the well-known classics of pallet garden furniture.

9. That’s Why Upcycling Is Good for You (And Nature)

In current creativity research, there is now a little discussion of the garden. The data here is too clear: time spent in the green is good for the soul – and inspires creativity. When you upcycle, you harness that creativity and give old items a new purpose.

The new sustainability: upcycling instead of recycling. Upgrading instead of “just” recycling is the motto of this trend. And it works in almost every aspect of your garden life. From planting to garden decor.

10. New Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Gardening

Plants don’t care where you grow as long as they have access to enough water and light. You take advantage of this fact when upcycling. After all, you can use any item in a creative way for planting – even those that aren’t particularly weatherproof.

These only contribute all the more to the romantic “shabby look” of the garden idea. This creates a wonderful connection between old thingy things and living greenery In your garden. As a decorative flower pot can serve so very different objects, for example, old …

  1. Bathtubs
  2. gutters (as flower boxes)
  3. Cans
  4. Bicycles
  5. Light bulbs (yes, you read that right)
  6. Wooden wheels
  7. Cupboards
  8. Shoes
  9. chairs
  10. Tea kettles
  11. Laundry baskets
  12. and of course much more!

Even a wheelbarrow can be repurposed as a bed – or as a mobile sandbox, spreader, or scarifier. In addition, lunch boxes can be used as planting aids and old paving stones as bed borders. But you can equally go up in height and craft a planted box tower or plant a ladder for vertical gardening. You notice: Only your creativity is the limit of upcycling in the home green.

11. With These DIY Tricks, You Create Order in Your Garden

Half of life is supposed to order, after all. If we believe that, then it’s worth taking a look at garden ideas that can help you create order and possibly save time searching for equipment and other items. Here are a few ideas:

  1. use the metal head of an old rake as a garden coat rack to hang space-saving equipment.
  2. also, an old pitchfork can be “abused” for this purpose. It makes just as great as a decorative object in the middle of the garden.
  3. what fits in such an old wine box probably everything? Try it out and store and sort so your tools.
  4. or hang an old crate on your tree. This floating box will make it easier for you to harvest your sweet harvest – and to bend down.
  5. old cutlery can also be used as a marker when planting your soil. Simply attach the name of the plant on the spoon or fork – ready is the orientation in the bed.

Maybe these examples are already enough to inspire your creativity and motivate you to search your garage or basement for more items to upgrade.

12. How To Bring Water into Your Do It Yourself Garden

The ocean has been shown to exert a calming effect on us. The sound of a babbling brook also contributes to relaxation. That’s why you should consider bringing some water into your garden. To get in on this fun, we’ve also collected a few upcycling ideas. For example:

  1. A garden fountain made from various clay pots or watering cans. This way, the water ripples steadily from top to bottom and also provides a beautifully meditative sight for you and your guests.
  2. A zinc tub as a mini pond. Such a construct is a feasible idea even for the smallest garden.
  3. if you have wine barrels, you can also use them as rain barrels. May even have a little more charm than their rather drab predecessor barrel, right?

You can already see from these examples that there are no limits to your imagination. Use what you have available and create from it a practical water artwork for your Do It Yourself garden.

Tip: When you place a vessel with water in your garden, it is best to put another old wooden board in it at an angle. With this, thirsty birds can still reach the surface of the water to drink even when the water level is low. Animals that have accidentally or intentionally gotten into the water can climb back out on it.

13. With These Upcycling Ideas, You Bring Light into The Darkness

Do you also enjoy the magical light in the late evening, when the sun slowly says goodbye? Then you know: this is when you experience the most beautiful moments. Particularly artful romance is created, however, if you have made your flickering lanterns from glasses.

An upcycling trend you can discover and design in a variety of colors and shapes. But even less romantically inclined beer cans can magically resurrect if you have been repurposed as a lantern. Also in the realm of light, you can realize diverse garden ideas.

14. How To Transform Your Garden with Upcycling Decorations

Especially from broken or broken leftovers from the kitchen, you can create with a little imagination and skill quite charming mini-landscapes and display them in your garden.

Such small works of art will become an absolute highlight at any garden party. In no time at all, you can create a little fairytale garden – full of figures and inspiring motifs for the dear little ones. But there’s also plenty for grown-up crafting enthusiasts to discover and create:

  1. have you ever thought of a glass hut with a front made of many different windows?
  2. an old wooden window frame can also serve as a special style element on a wooden pole in the middle of the garden.
  3. similarly, an old wooden door can find a new home in the middle of your garden – for example, in front of a tree. This is a great way to add an imaginative touch to your garden.
  4. You can also plant old wine bottles and hang them on the outside wall of garden sheds. This creates a colorful facade that sparkles beautifully in the sunlight.
  5. old wood can also be creatively processed as a fence or privacy screen.
  6. or how about a flower stand sculpture made from stacked old cooking pots, plates, and cups?

However, for all your love of upcycling decorative art, remember one important thing: you’d better go for select garden decor for a romantic ambiance. Otherwise, your garden will look very quickly overloaded or, in the worst case, even like a garbage dump for the untrained eye. It all depends on the harmonious staging. So: Awaken the artist in you with your upcycling ideas!

15. For Different Garden Types – More Creative DIY Ideas

There are lovers of untamed nature and wild ideas, as well as pure garden pragmatists who primarily love the green lawn (and the matching ball to go with it). And this diversity is great. So there’s something for every type in a Do It Yourself garden, too. Do-it-yourself is the keyword – and we’ll show you what else you can implement.

16. For A Pet-Friendly Garden Design

In a pet-friendly Do It Yourself garden, people take care of each other. You live in harmony with nature, for example, even with the dear bees, whose habitat is facing ever greater threats. A homemade insect hotel can also do a lot of good for the wildlife in your garden. Of course, a compost heap should not be missing from this list, especially in winter, for example, to shelter hedgehogs.

If you have a heart for fish and aquatic life, you can also create a mini pond in your garden. For example, all you need is some gravel and stones, a mason jar, pond pots, and a few water plants.

Or do you especially like a lively and chirping garden? Then you should take care of the lovely birds in your garden. For example, with homemade birdhouses, such as cup feeders or bird feeders. Suitably to this, you attract the lively birds best with homemade bird food. For this purpose, especially: apples, raisins, cereal flakes, or sunflower seeds are excellent.

17. Our Do-It-Yourself Garden Ideas for Soccer Fan

For fans of the cultivated ball sport, there is hardly anything more beautiful than a lush green lawn. So why not use it as a tablecloth? Admittedly, real craftsmen should get to work here. But with a little skill, rolled turf, enough wood for the frame, a gutter, and some pond liner, you can create a cozy spot in the garden where the beer has a permanent home right on the lawn.

So that the supply of liquids can be provided you can also assemble a handy bottle crate as a beer carrier itself. This can also be quickly used as a toolbox as needed.

For small and large soccer fans is also suitable for DIY a goal wall. For this, you need only some varnish, plywood, a sprayer, and a few screws. You can be sure of many hours of fun playing soccer in your backyard.

18. Special DIY Ideas for Wood Lovers

If you like it imaginative and with your touch in the garden, you can also make your garden decorations. For example, design wooden signposts with creative place names – or the number of kilometers to the sea. Here, of course, there are no limits to your ideas.

But maybe you want to enchant your garden with a glowing Swedish fire? This wonderfully warm light can be obtained quite easily from a tree trunk (delimbed, diameter 30-60 cm, length: 1 meter). Then the trunk is quartered with a chainsaw, down to one foot (about 10 cm in height).

You then insert a barbecue or fireplace lighter into the crossing point in the middle and can enjoy the living fire, snuggled up in a blanket, with your loved ones. As with any open flame or campfire, however, watch out for flying sparks and make sure there are no flammable objects nearby. Then nothing will stand in the way of your cozy campfire evening.

19. Is This Perhaps the Decisive Disadvantage Of Doing It Yourself?

Let your creativity run wild and discover your way of doing Do-It-Yourself for your garden, starting from our suggestions. We have already provided you with many ideas. What’s more: creating something with your own hands is always creative work – and very satisfying (as you’ll soon discover). You can build virtually anything yourself – including garden furniture, of course.

But there is one catch.

You’ve probably figured it out yourself: so much do-it-yourself eats up a tremendous amount of time. The time that you may not have or simply want to use differently. And some things may not turn out as well as you would like.