23 Best Small Backyard Ideas For Entertaining

Small backyard ideas for entertaining – Don’t let your home’s backyard go to waste. Rather, think of it as an extension of your home for spending time outdoors with loved ones.

It can be a barbecue place and dine in the summer, a cozy lounge or fire pit, and the possibilities are truly endless. If you’re thinking about creating a small backyard ideas for entertaining or just want to spruce up your existing one, check out these 23 small backyard ideas for entertaining.

Small Backyard Ideas For Entertaining :


Lounging With A Hammock

If you like to lounge around, the hammock idea is for you. Beautiful, comfortable, and intriguing, these seating options will give your yard a unique look. Choose a hammock that is super comfortable and matches your existing trees.

If the tree is not large enough, get a hammock stand (or make your own!) ), and place blankets, lanterns, tables, and other items that create a cozy and inviting space in your yard.

Create Your Playground In The Yard.


Whether you have kids or not, garden games like bocce and corn hole are great ways to create a recreational space in your yard. But seriously, why should you care about children?

Even a single person or couple without children can enjoy these adult games in the garden. And if you have children, you have the added benefit that they will love these great games too.

Backyards do not have to be completely serious or adult. Instead, keep it light with activities. If you have the space and want to make it permanent, you can build a bocce court using HGTV’s guide.

Keep It Simple With A Fire Pit And A Couch.

Backyard designs don’t have to be complicated or grandiose. If all you want is a fire pit for the evening and a couch to relax on, there’s no need to stretch your budget to buy something you don’t need.

Ultimately, the space is for you and your family, so choose what makes sense. As you can see, this simple combination is perfect.

Hang A Seat For Outdoor Movie Viewing

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? It is a wonderful experience for children and adults alike. Bring plenty of blankets, drinks, and snacks, and you can turn it into an evening picnic.

Perhaps you can even organize a regular movie night in your neighborhood. Hang the seats on the wall and create a simple frame with tree branches or 2×4 boards, and you have the perfect entertainment venue.

Experience A Resort With A Pool Bar

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll want to design your yard accordingly. This photo is a great example of that idea.

Next to the large pool is a comfortable bar with stools where you and your guests can relax in a tropical paradise atmosphere. A TV, sofas, cushions, and other simple touches add to the resort atmosphere.

Add Tvs And Snacks

This outdoor entertainment space focuses more on relaxing and watching TV than cooking and eating. In a space like this, be sure to protect your electronics from the elements. So either focus on the roof and furniture placement or get a mobile unit like this one so you can move the party from one location to another.

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The result is a space where you can relax all day long, alone or with loved ones, while a fresh breeze blows through.

Original Illuminated Wall Of Plants

There are many plant-based ideas for entertaining in the small backyard, but a wall of shrubs with twinkling lights is one of our favorites. The beautiful lighting catches the eye and the plants form a privacy wall.

If you like to divide up space, you can install a few plant walls like this one to separate “rooms” in your garden where you can relax, play, and do whatever you like.

Hang A Pretty Cross Lantern.


Lanterns add intimacy and charm to the backyard. Especially in smaller yards, hanging a few fairy lights is all that is needed. When switched on at night, they create a beautiful and magical atmosphere.

Lighting is very important in backyard design. You need to find the perfect balance between too much and too little lighting.

Focus On Food And Entertainment.

Of course, some of the most popular designs for small backyard entertaining relate to outdoor dining areas. This is especially true if you like to invite guests over for a meal. This backyard is set up for special holiday meals, but you can change the look and feel to suit any occasion.

If there is room, sofas and chairs can be added or a fire pit can be set up to make s’mores after the feast is over.

Jacuzzis Are Relaxing And Calming 

Sometimes you may want a more intimate and private garden. You can add a Jacuzzi and dining area, as pictured, or incorporate this design into your overall small backyard ideas for entertaining.

A simple fairy light, lanterns, and overhead hooks for hanging towels and other items are all you need to complete this style.

Add An All-Weather Fireplace And Fans.

If you live in a place where the weather is hot during the day and cool at night, you still want to use the space. In this example, a beautiful stone fireplace is a key to staying outdoors on cold nights.

Fans hanging from the ceiling are equally helpful in keeping occupants cool as they relax on hot summer days. Sometimes it’s the little details that make or break small backyard ideas for entertaining.

Create An Order Before The Backyard Design

Of course, a courtyard must also serve some practical purposes: It is our passageway to the back house as well as storage space for trash cans and bicycles. But often there is also all sorts of junk that doesn’t belong here. The first thing to do is to get rid of this chaos. In addition to bulky waste, you should therefore also remove wildly growing plants and weeds.

You will see: Within a few hours, your patio will look completely different! Even though this step may be less fun, it is therefore necessary. Only by tidying up your backyard will you create space that you can then make idyllic. And that is well worth a little effort.

Extra tip: Several parties share the backyard. Then you can also tackle this step together! Sometimes it is also worthwhile in this case to get a professional gardener to help. You can then also share the costs for the redesign.

Plan Different Zones For The Courtyard Design

As with any project, the same applies to courtyard design: Careful planning is key! So it’s best to get your ideas down on paper in the form of a rough sketch. Keep in mind the dimensions of your patio. In this way, you can see at a glance how much space you have available.

In addition, you should consider what the backyard will be used for. Do you want children to have room to play here? Is the focus on gardening? Or do you rather want a sociable backyard with enough space for all your neighbors and friends? Depending on the space, you can then try to integrate the different needs.

You then add the different zones such as a lounge, vegetable patch, barbecue corner, or playground into your sketch. While this is of course quite easy for a large patio, you may have to compromise on a smaller area. After all, the patio should be there for everyone!

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Design A Beautiful Floor As A Base

Are you planning a major redesign and therefore want to renew the floor of your courtyard at the same time? Then you have numerous options – all those that are also available for garden design. The classics include natural stone, concrete tiles, paving stones, pebbles, wood, or lawn.

However, your patio is rather shady. Then you should consider when laying lawn that it will grow a lot of moss. This then means considerably more maintenance through scarifying and co. A good alternative, in this case, are floor coverings made of gravel or larger stones.

Tip: You do not always have to remove an old floor covering. Sometimes it is enough to clean the area thoroughly! Besides, older stones and modern furniture often make a great contrast.

Create A Wall Of Plants In The Small Courtyard

We’ve mentioned it before: a small yard can quickly become a big challenge. Especially behind an old apartment or a row house, there is often little space. A great idea is therefore to include the walls of the courtyard. You can easily plant climbing plants on them!

Especially with older walls, however, you should make sure to attach climbing aids. Otherwise, the walls can be severely damaged. Alternatively, you can also resort to stair-shaped raised beds or hanging flower pots.

The following climbing plants are best suited for the plant wall:

  • Ivy (shade)
  • Evergreen honeysuckle (shade)
  • Wild vine (shade)
  • Climbing hydrangea (shade)
  • Clematis (partial shade)
  • Hops (partial shade)
  • Climbing rose (sun)

Urban Gardening – Grow Vegetables In Raised Beds

For more and more people, the garden should not only look pretty but also have a benefit. You too want to grow delicious fruits and vegetables, but you don’t have space behind the house for large beds or greenhouses? Then urban gardening is just the thing for you. You can grow crops even in the smallest of spaces. Space-saving raised beds are well suited for this purpose. However, make sure that the plants get at least a little sun, preferably in the morning hours.

Under the right conditions, you can then grow not only various herbs but also delicious vegetables such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, or balcony tomatoes. Strawberries are also great plants for the raised bed. However, the red berries need sufficient sun.

Design Even A Shady Patio With Plants

Nothing grows in the shade anyway? Not true! Because even if you have more choice in planting in a sunny backyard, of course: So some plants do well with partial shade or even shady locations. Perennials, for example, are a good choice for the patio. After all, they are not only beautiful to look at, but also require little sun.

The following shade perennials are suitable for patio landscaping:

  • Astilbes
  • Begonias
  • Bergenia
  • Heart lily
  • Foxglove
  • St. John’s wort
  • Rhododendron
  • Foam flower
  • Silver leaf

Create A Small Sitting Area In The Courtyard With Stylish Garden Furniture

Even with a small patio, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: enough seating space! Because only in this way do you create a place of relaxation. One way to do this is to rely on smaller seating areas. For example, set up a round table with several matching garden chairs.

However, this variant is even cozier: a compact lounge corner that invites you to pure relaxation! For such an outdoor living room place in small lounge sofa best against the wall. This is not only space-saving but also creates a very cozy atmosphere. Who brings a little manual skill, the outdoor bench builds itself by the way simply – and with pallets!

Particularly practical for this are then smaller seating modules such as stools or floor cushions, which can be moved quite flexibly. Add cuddly outdoor textiles, atmospheric lanterns, and pretty decorative accessories and you can create your garden paradise.

Beautify The Narrow Courtyard With Space-Saving Wall Decorations

The walls play a special role when designing a patio. For this reason, it is a good idea to include them in the decoration. However, if walls, walls, or fences are not particularly beautiful, you can, first of all, cover them with mats. As the material is suitable for this, for example, reed, because it fits perfectly into the natural environment. In no time at all, a whole new overall picture is created.

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In addition, of course, you have other design options: In addition to the already mentioned green wall, you can, for example, rely on atmospheric fairy lights. Casual macramé wall objects, spectacular wall fountains, or hanging flower pots are also popular accessories in patio design.

Use Water To Create A Special Atmosphere In The Garden

Speaking of fountains: Water is a wonderful way to create a real vacation feeling in any garden. A real highlight here is a water wall, for example. But a small pond or fountain in the middle of the patio can also be a real eye-catcher and is also reminiscent of antique patios. Do you like it particularly luxurious? Then, of course, a pool behind the house is the right choice!

Potted Plants As A Low-Maintenance And Inexpensive Option In A Small Courtyard

Don’t have room for flower beds or trees – or the ground is completely paved over? Don’t worry, even then you don’t have to give up a piece of nature. Simply place potted plants on the paved areas. With a lovingly selected potted garden, you can then provide plenty of greenery.

It is best to use pretty planters, for example, made of terracotta. You can then combine them in different shapes and sizes. If you like, plant in the flower pots not only ornamental plants and summer flowers but even small trees! For fans of the Mediterranean style, citrus plants, and olive or fig trees are also ideal.

Especially practical: you can easily bring potted plants into the warm in winter. This makes their care very simple.

Conjure Up Atmospheric Light With The Perfect Illumination

Lounge furniture, decoration, and a beautiful planting – such a mix quickly turns the barren backyard into a magical garden dream! But one point you should not forget in all this: the right lighting. Because that makes all the difference, especially on balmy summer evenings.

For a great ambiance that invites you to linger, it is best to combine several light sources. For example, use wall lights, hanging lamps, fairy lights, and table lamps. But candles and fire bowls are also indispensable for a unique atmosphere.

Decide On A Style When Designing And Decorating The Patio.

Modern, Mediterranean, casual: You can also choose between different styles when it comes to garden design. Here, we present our three favorite variations for a cozy patio:

With the right patio design, you can create a real vacation feeling at home. Perfect for this is the Mediterranean look. No wonder, because in this region the courtyard was invented, so to speak: From ancient Rome, in fact, it quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean. Even today, therefore, many people think of the patios of Spanish or Portuguese townhouses when they hear the word patio.

The starting point for your Mediterranean patio is a natural stone, whether on the floor or the wall. Colorful tiles will also create Mediterranean flair in no time. In addition, be sure to place summer container plants such as lemon or orange trees in the courtyard.

Then design the Mediterranean seating area with a sufficiently large dining table. A canopy such as a pergola is also a perfect match, which you can then green with climbing plants. Add a few cozy accessories such as rugs, pillows, or vases in Mediterranean style – and the summer oasis is ready to feel good!

Final Thoughts.

A functional and beautiful yard is like a whole new room in your home. Seating, fire pits, and kitchens can be installed to transform your lawn into something even better.

The design will largely depend on your budget. So start by planning your space and desired layout. Think about what the space will be primarily used for and what you will use it for the most.

You will also need to think about design and lighting, but once completed, you will have the best possible garden for your guests. Have fun with it and hope this article 23 small backyard ideas for entertaining will help you.