Rustic Backyard Ideas, Pro and Cons You Should Know

Whether you are in a wooded setting or a meadow, rustic backyard ideas is all about reflecting the surrounding nature.

But even if a rustic style calls for a naturalistic look, “good design is just as important as a more formal setting,” says landscape architect Christine Ellis. Ellis has been practicing since 1995, and stresses that a calm and relaxing environment does not happen by accident, here are her professional tips for creating a country garden retreat.


that needs to be done:

• Think about how you want to use the space. “Would you like to sit around a bonfire and tell ghost stories? Or create a quiet area for contemplation?” Ellis asked. The design should come from the practical way you want to use the landscape.

• Create undulations in lawns and parks. The soft, enveloping appearance evokes the ambiance of a lawn, but beyond that, it captures rain and provides a lasting source of moisture for plants. “With this strategy,” Ellis said, “you probably won’t have to start watering the garden until June.”

• Let the moss grow. In rural wooded areas, moss lends a timeless vibe to rocks and paths and can be a beautiful addition to the landscape.

• Use pathways to influence mood. The wide path invites at a fast pace and is perfect for entering, but as you walk through the gardens, let your path narrow to invite contemplation. When you slow down to walk down a narrow street, “your feelings change from the outside in,” Ellis says.

Do not:

• Don’t go against nature. In a rural setting, there is room for some coincidence. “Let the English daisies, Achilles and dandelions appear in the yard,” Ellis said. “Cut them off before they sprout, but don’t let perfectionism stop you from enjoying the flowers while they last.”

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• Do not pull out the hedge shears. The rustic style reflects nature and in nature, there are very few sharp edges, cut and trimmed. Instead, choose to prune shrubs and trees by hand to take advantage of each plant’s natural habits.

• Feel free to choose the decorations and features of your garden. “Trust your judgment,” Ellis suggested. The garden is a place to express your personality and have fun, and “if you don’t like something you choose, you can always change it,” she says.

• Don’t choose generic plants that can be found everywhere. Instead, use the natives of your region as a starting point to create your unique palette. In the Northwest, Ellis might choose local elderberries as a starting point, then mix them up by adding elderberries with colorful leaves or a drawer texture.

Even when designing for a specific environment, such as the countryside or forest, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind on how your space and personality can affect the landscape.

What does the perfect backyard need? Different forms of seating. Mood lighting? Both are important, but how do you find your look? Rustic backyard is the new form of chic! In this article, we will explore different media and ways to make your vision a reality.


Find the best rustic backyard ideas below:

Garden Warehouse for Rustic Backyard Ideas

This is one of our favorite choices. It looked very strange and as if it belonged to a fairy tale. With its beautiful surrounding vegetable garden and redesigned wooden structure, this is the best in the countryside. Put at the bottom of your garden or display, either way, this shed will liven up your rustic look

Pallet seat

No rustic list is complete without pallet furniture making a feature somewhere in the mix and we love this one. You can make it yourself your next DIY project it’s so versatile yet casual instead of a table, add a brazier, this look has so many options.

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Garden arch made of wood and vine

This idea is cute, whimsical, and understated. All you need are some wooden trellises and vines and you can make this beautiful church arch too.

Concrete block planter

We love this idea. It’s very simple. Use it as a smart border for your garden bed or as an accent for an outdoor entertainment area. However you choose to use it, we recommend that you do so.

DIY style picnic bench style table

If you don’t have access to a lot of bottoms and have spare stones and wood lying around, you can quickly create this picnic-style table. Use steel baskets to hold various boulders to make this table base and bench, then use slate or marble for the tabletop and wooden planks for the seats. Add colorful outdoor cushions for extra comfort.

Rustic ideas for small gardens

If you have a small courtyard in the city but want to bring a rustic touch to your space, then this idea is perfect. Combining redesigned wood and slate to create this abundance of functionality and style.

Simplicity underestimated

Do you have spare wood and bricks lying around? This is the perfect way to change it. We love this look for its simplicity and how easy it is to apply. Make this your next DIY project.

Country waterfall

Any rustic courtyard is incomplete without the shape of a fountain.

Located in natural rock and clear water. It is an image of perfect serenity and happiness.

On the bridge

This cute fairy bridge will complete any look. Wash the wood in white to give it a more original and aged look and have fun with this design element, use it in the photo or as an element for a fountain.

Steps to heaven

We like this. Designing your garden this way opens up the space by adding another step to add dimension and there’s plenty of room for new and exciting ideas by adding some rustic milk cans to give this idea a more rustic look.

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Build your brazier

Having the perfect place to relax is very important to every red-blooded American.

Not everyone can hire a luxury crew to beautify and sculpt this shrine, luckily for you, there are plenty of guides showing you how you can bring this beautiful cornerstone into your home! Just follow the link for full instructions.

Fun in the hot tub

This rustic-inspired courtyard with a hot tub is perfect. It has everything you need in one place using different materials like hardwood slate or whatever you can think of to achieve this look.

Straw style

For that cold autumn night, take out the haystack and start a fire. Very cute and original, your guests will be amazed by receiving colorful blankets and spending unforgettable moments in your garden.

A power plant for tires

This idea is very nice and also respectful of the ozone. Good for the environment and your pocket. This planter saves space and can be painted as desired. Use them as boundary markers.

Cottage style garden

If you live in a cottage-style home, you can still benefit from this wonderful way to decorate and organize your garden. As seen above, there are several ways to bring a rustic style to a smaller space.

Being lazy

One of the most favorite backyard ideas is a hammock, Hammocks are very trendy nowadays and add an extra sense of relaxation. For a more rustic feel, tie a hammock to a tree and create the perfect reading area.

Rustic rustic bar

Ok, so who doesn’t love a cold beer or a cocktail? Every backyard needs a working bar, right? So why not build it? For all you straight guys who build juice bars, your imagination is your only limit.

Hope this article rustic backyard ideas can help you give ideas what to do to your small backyard.