11 Reasons Why a Rectangular Pool Is The Perfect Pool Shape?

Rectangular pools are making a big comeback, and it’s simple to see why. This classic swimming pool design is hard to top when it comes to practicality, beauty, and space to enjoy the water.
Here we look at the numerous elements that contribute to the popularity of the rectangular pool range leading the way in this iconic swimming pool style.

Reasons Why is a Rectangular Pools Is The Perfect Swimming Pool Shape?


1. They are really simple to swim in

It is no surprise that Olympic swimming pools are always rectangular in design. Although it may appear obvious, a rectangular pool is ideal for swimming. It provides a long, unobstructed expanse of water excellent for lap swimming.

One of the primary benefits of having your backyard pool is that it provides a private setting to enhance your health and fitness. Swimming laps is the greatest way to accomplish this because it is one of the best forms of exercise you can perform, toning practically every muscle in the body while also boosting your cardiovascular health. To get the most out of this activity, you’ll need a large enough body of water to swim laps in. There is no better pool shape for this than the rectangle.

2. They provide more swimming space

Why do you believe Olympic swimming pools are always rectangular? The basic explanation is that they offer wider swim lanes and greater swimming space. The rectangular pool provides an open expanse of water, making it ideal for lap swimming.

Keeping fit is one of the numerous reasons individuals construct a swimming pool in their backyards. Swimming is a great way to improve endurance, muscle health, and cardiovascular fitness. It also aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight as well as a healthy heart and lungs. Swimming is low-impact and reduces joint stress because the water supports your body weight. Even people with joint issues can benefit from swimming. Swim laps in the privacy of your own home with a rectangular pool to improve your health and fitness.

Swimming for health and fitness necessitates a lengthy stretch of water, which the rectangular pool provides.

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3. They are also excellent for unwinding

Another advantage of your swimming pool is that it provides you with a private area to rest in comfort in your home. Nothing beats a soothing plunge in the pool at the end of a long day. Spending time in the water has decreased tension and anxiety, making your daily life simpler to manage and enhancing your overall well-being.

While this may be accomplished in pools of many shapes and sizes, rectangle pools are particularly suited to relaxing since wide, pleasant seating spaces around these pools are incredibly easy to create. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the sea when you don’t feel like swimming.

4. They work well with automatic pool covers


Rectangular pools work better with automatic pool coverings. You can have it installed by your pool builder when they are installing your new pool.

Using a pool cover keeps dirt, debris, and leaves out of your pool. It can help keep your pool clean, allowing you to spend less time and effort cleaning and maintaining it. There are fewer stains, and cleaning requires fewer chemicals, which benefits your family and the environment.

5. They are an economical option for families

Choosing a family pool might be especially tough because you have various needs to consider. You’ll need a pool with enough area for the entire family to swim and play activities in the water. A rectangle pool is fantastic for games like water volleyball, which the entire family can enjoy, strengthening your bond and providing an ideal way to spend valuable time together.

However, when shopping for a family pool, the most crucial factor to consider is safety. Rectangular pools perform exceptionally well here yet again. Because its form is open, with no shaded nooks or hidden sections, it is much easier to supervise the kids and ensure they have a safe time in the water.

Furthermore, all private pools in Australia must conform with Australian Standard 1926, which states that your pool must be gated on all sides to keep youngsters safe. While this is conceivable with various shape-shaped, a level fence around a rectangular pool is considerably easier to create, making pool installation easier.

6. They are also easier to clean

Swimming pools must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and rectangular pools are possibly the easiest to clean. The rationale is straightforward: these pools have smooth edges that are less likely to capture and entrap dirt and debris.

Those that use an automatic pool cleaner will discover that a rectangular pool is much easier to maneuver. As a result, you may properly clean your pool in less time and effort.

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7. They work nicely with the majority of properties


When building your backyard pool, the pool design must complement the aesthetic of your home. This appears to be more stylish and offers the image of a well-maintained residence, appealing to potential home buyers. A solid match of styles will allow you to create a cohesive and unified design for the entire property. You can increase the worth of your home and earn a higher sale price if you decide to sell it.

Some homeowners have strong feelings regarding pool shapes and do not want a traditional pool. This is OK, as your pool should reflect your interests and preferences like the rest of your house. However, suppose you want a pool design that will complement the largest range of architectural types. In that case, a rectangle pool is a logical choice. It has clean lines and streamlined shapes to complement modern homes while being classic enough to complement more traditional properties. A rectangle pool is difficult to go wrong with.

8. They are also less difficult to install

Rectangular pools, whether made of vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass, are easier to build and install. They are also less expensive than other shapes, and because they can be made faster, you save time and money. When using vinyl liners, you will notice that they align better in rectangular pools than in other freeform configurations. Fiberglass pools are custom-built, and a rectangular pool is easier and more practical to construct.

9. They are simple to landscape around

When deciding whether or not to create a backyard pool, landscaping is an important factor to consider. Finally, this will determine how wonderful your pool looks once it is built and the amount of functionality for your backyard.

The first step is to determine the best location for your pool. It must look nice from all angles outside and inside the house. You will be staring at your pool for many years, so it must present an appealing view that will motivate you to venture outdoors and fully utilize the pool.

A rectangular pool is the most straightforward to install. Because houses are typically always built on straight lines, a rectangle pool will look excellent whether it is placed next to the house or parallel to it at a greater distance away. Furthermore, because a rectangle is a conventional shape, it is easy to generate an appealing appearance from all angles.

As you examine other aspects of your outdoor lifestyle, your landscaping should also make the best use of the remaining space in your backyard. This is easier to do with a rectangular pool since the regular shape makes it easier to arrange the rest of your backyard design, allowing you to create room for socializing and resting at the poolside while also making full use of the other sections of your backyard.

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To add the most value to your property, you must have attractive and functional landscaping. A rectangular pool allows you to create a beautiful flow while providing all the functionality you need to live an active and full life outside.

10. They are suitable for the majority of homes


A consistent design throughout your house helps your home appear beautiful and well-maintained. A swimming pool provides a touch of luxury, but it must match your home’s decor. The correct swimming pool unifies the appearance of your entire property, raising the degree of aesthetics on many levels.

Rectangular pools complement a wide range of architectural types. It is a timeless shape that works well with modern and traditional homes. When you can’t decide on a shape for your pool, go with a rectangle. You can’t go wrong with a rectangle pool.

11. They build the best infinity pools


The infinity pool is a big swimming pool trend right now, and it is regarded as the pinnacle of luxury. These lovely pools have a “disappearing edge,” which gives the impression that the water is simply sliding away. An infinity pool can provide stunning views of the surrounding rural or urban surroundings. It’s also a very tranquil method to enjoy the water, as it makes you feel like you’re a direct part of your environment, unhindered by obstacles.

Rectangle pools are by far the greatest option for an infinity pool. The long, straight shape is great for creating a disappearing edge, allowing you to feel like you’re swimming in nature and becoming the envy of your friends with the most abundant pool in town!


Swimming can be a terrific way to stay fit while still having a good time. A swimming pool is one of the few items that may add excitement to a home. A swimming pool may be a terrific addition to your house, whether you want to spend warm afternoons playing in the water with your kids or simply chill off after a long day. Having a pool in your backyard will also encourage your friends to visit you more frequently for a relaxed day in the pool. What better location to party than a pool house? A swimming pool is a terrific investment for increasing the value of your home and your health and enjoyment.

How about the article rectangular pools? I hope the articles can give you an idea what the best shape of a pool for your small backyard. Find more ideas for backyard pools on small backyard pool ideas. You can also read the different types of swimming pools to know more about swimming pools and what is the best for your backyard.