What do You need For Garden Party? 3 Things You Should Know


A garden party is a special kind of party that can be organized for almost any occasion (birthday, anniversary party, wedding, etc.) and, of course, is always a highlight: delicious food, cozy get-togethers, and secluded summer evenings create a unique atmosphere in the open air. If you have your garden or can grow an allotment, you have the best conditions …

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10 Small Backyard Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


These elegant small backyard ideas are some of our favorite approaches to designing, styling, and decorating small spaces. Whether you’re going for a completely new look, redesigning an existing area, or simply adding an eye-catching element to add variety, getting your small backyard ideas right is the first step in any makeover, as it provides the crucial structure to your …

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How To Laying and Paving a Garden Path in 8 Easy Steps


Our step-by-step guide shows how to build and paving a garden path in eight steps – from digging out the path bed in the garden to shoveling off the grouted path. How Do I Paving a Garden Path? If you want to build and paving a garden path, for example, to the gazebo or carport, the first step is a …

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3 Ideal Paving For Driveways, Backyard Path, And Terraces


To find ideal paving for driveways thoughtfully laid out and paved with the right material, paths and squares give backyard and plots their character. A sunny terrace, a parking space for the car, perhaps a small courtyard for working, a shady place to sit under a tree, a playground with a sandbox – all these places turn the garden into …

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How to Install Pavers Patio: 5 Good Planning Leads To Success


If you want to install pavers patio, don’t rush straight to the nearest hardware store to buy paving stones and borrow materials. Detailed planning pays off for this do-it-yourself project. Therefore, take the time for detailed preparation. Here you can read which tips to follow how to install pavers patio: 5 good planning leads to success : Choosing The Right …

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How To Clean Pavers On Your Patio In 11 Easy Steps


Looking for an easy way to clean pavers on your patio? One of the tricks is using soda. A mixture of soda and water is an effective, but strongly alkaline cleaning agent. It can be used on particularly dirty concrete pavers. Be sure to wear safety glasses when working, as a soda can irritate the eyes. Work gloves should also …

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10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Ideas and How to Build it

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about grilling! I love cooking outdoors. Not only does it seem healthier than cooking food indoors, but it’s also very relaxing to cook outside. If you love to grill outdoors in the summer, you must have a grill, right? If not, I …

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Small Backyard Patio Ideas

It’s a big step through the back door: you’ve decided to build or remodel a patio. If your patio isn’t a traditional concrete slab – or if you’re roofing an existing patio – you need to choose patio materials that do more than just look good. A durable patio should be built with sturdy, long-lasting materials. Whether you’re working alone …

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DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping

A backyard fire pit brings family and friends together to enjoy the warmth of the fire, chat, and maybe even roast marshmallows. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the winter season, simply sitting around the warm glow and crackle of wood from a beautiful fire. You can feel all the tensions melt away with the flickering …

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