3 Simple Steps Make A Tightrope For Backyard Playground

DIY tightrope backyard playground for kids is one of our favorite backyard kids activities today! This DIY tightrope is suitable for preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and even older children, and is a pleasant outdoor activity for children.

DIY Tightrope For Your Backyard

Do you want a cheap and simple approach to keep your kids entertained? Grab a few ropes and set up a backyard tightrope!

This simple backyard tightrope has offered hundreds of hours of fun and learning for my daycare children over the years. Our tightrope is by far the most popular of all of our backyard activities.

A tightrope was inexpensive and simple to construct. The backyard tightrope activity allows the kids to get a lot of exercise and practice their balance.

Note: The prominence of slack rope activities in extreme sports has increased the popularity of this activity in our backyard since we first developed it years ago. You can find slack line resources at the bottom of this post to create a similar line walking activity for your children.

Tight Rope Activities For Kids Benefits

A backyard tightrope will assist your youngster with developing:

  • balance
  • coordination
  • gross-motor skills
  • core strength
  • muscles
  • climbing skills
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How To Make A Tightrope For Backyard Playground


Supplies Required

  • two lengths of soft rope
  • two trees (or fence posts, deck rails, etc.)
  • daring children

The Tight-Rope Setup Is Very Simple.

Step 1: Find the Tightrope Ends

Locate two trees, fence posts, or deck rails that are somewhat near together. I tied our ropes to a tree and a clothes-line pole.

Step 2: Install the Lower Rope

Secure one rope approximately a foot to a foot and a half off the ground to one of your trees/poles.

Wrap the rope many times around the tree or pole before tying a knot to keep it in place.

Pull the rope as tight as you can with the free end; this will help to maintain your rope as taut as possible when your youngster stands on it.

Using the same way as previously, wrap the other end of the rope around the second tree or pole.

Step 3: Install the Higher Rope

Depending on your child’s height, hang the second rope several feet from the ground.

Raise your child’s arms slightly above his or her head to have a good feel of what height might be suitable for the top rope. The higher rope should be positioned here. You want it to be high enough so people have to reach up for it while standing on the ground.

Ours is around three feet high.

To guarantee that this activity does not endanger anyone, do not leave any rope ends dangling freely. Wrap and knot any excess length or trim it off to keep it in place. It’s as simple as that!

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The Tightrope Walk

It’s now time to summon those daring youngsters! It may take a few minutes for your youngster to get the hang of it, depending on their age.

As they strive to figure out the physics of it all, the bottom rope will be rather shaky. But only you look! It won’t be long until it clicks and they’ll be able to balance on the rope like pros.

My boys enjoy walking from one end of the rope to the other. They also enjoy swinging and hanging from the upper rope while sitting on the bottom rope.

What Is The Best Age For Backyard Tight Rope Activities?

Take a look at this little troublemaker if you’re wondering how old a child has to be to appreciate an outdoor activity like this.

  • She is 18 months old in the shot on the left. She became captivated with the tightrope as soon as she encountered it. It didn’t take long for her to be able to stand on it.
  • She’s 2 and a half in the photo on the right, and she’s definitely an accomplished tightrope walker.

Our tightrope is an excellent backyard exercise for a single child or a fun, little gathering place for a group of children! What exactly are you waiting for?

Get out in the backyard today and set up a tightrope for your kids.

Hopes the articles three simple steps make a tightrope for backyard playground can helps you. If you need more ideas for backyard playground read more in backyard playground ideas. Also read how to create the ideal musical garden for kids.

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