Laying Patio Slabs Cost Per Sqm – Saving Tips

Patio slabs are a popular and affordable choice for patios. To find out what types of patio slabs are available, what the average patio slab installation cost per square meter is, and how to save the most money, click here.

How Much Do Patio Slabs Cost Per Square Meter?

The prices for laying patio slabs can vary greatly and depend on various factors, first and foremost on which material you choose (concrete or natural stone). On average, however, the cost of laying patio slabs is about 70-140 USD per square meter, including labor costs.


The material prices for concrete slabs are usually between 10 – 25 USD per square meter.

Natural stone slabs are usually in the range of 40 – 80 USD per square meter but can be significantly higher for higher-quality variants. A rarer, but increasingly used alternative are terrace tiles made of porcelain stoneware, which is priced at about 40 – 60 USD per square meter.

In addition, there are the labor costs, which consist of the costs for excavation including removal and disposal, the construction of the substructure (including low costs for gravel and crushed stone), and the laying of the terrace tiles. In total, about 50 – 80 USD per square meter can be expected here. Some companies also charge a travel fee of at least 50 USD.

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A further, possible cost factor is whether the terrace plates are laid bound with substructure or loosely on e.g. sand. The latter is done rather more rarely since the load-bearing capacity of loosely laid terraces is far lower and one runs the risk that these sink after some time, which would cause additional costs.

However, if you are willing to put up with this, you can save money here, since the costs for the substructure are omitted (approx. 20 – 30 USD per square meter) and only small costs of about 5 USD per square meter would be incurred for the sand subfloor. Other additional costs may arise if the ground surface is uneven and must be leveled beforehand.

To let the terrace plates shift prices somewhat better to illustrate, two project examples follow for a 20 m ² large terrace, which is shifted in each case with concrete and natural stone plates. The figures listed here serve only as an orientation including VAT and can of course vary.



The Material Of The Terrace Slabs: Concrete Slabs Or Natural Stone Slabs?

First and foremost, the decision between concrete and natural stone slabs is a matter of personal taste and cost. Natural stone slabs (on average 40 – 80 USD per sqm) usually cost 3-4x as much as concrete slabs (about 10 – 25 USD per sqm).

In addition, the costs for natural stone slabs are hardly limited upwards. For it, natural stone plates are again more durable than terrace plates from concrete and the optics are besides clearly more singular and nobler.

Trendy Alternative: Terrace Slabs Made Of Porcelain Stoneware

An increasingly popular alternative to concrete and natural stone, are terrace tiles made of porcelain stoneware. These are made of natural materials such as clay and minerals and are extremely durable and weather-resistant. In addition, they are very easy to clean, as they are dirt-repellent. Most importantly, they are visually quite classy and appealing.

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Prices for porcelain stoneware patio tiles are on average about 40 – 60 USD per square meter. However, it should be noted that the cost of the substructure can be somewhat higher because slabs of porcelain stoneware are lighter than slabs of concrete or natural stone.

As a result, they can sink much more easily. So, the work is a bit more demanding, which makes the porcelain stoneware patio slab laying costs rise to about 100 – 150 USD per sqm in total.

What Factors Most Affect The Cost Of Laying Terrace Tiles?

As mentioned above, the cost of laying patio tiles can vary quite significantly. The following factors influence them the most:

  • The chosen material (concrete or natural stone slabs?)
  • The size of the area
  • The conditions of the subsoil (must the ground be leveled beforehand?)
  • The type of substructure
  • The type of laying (loose or bound?)
  • The hourly rate of the specialized company

Is It Possible To Lay Patio Slabs By Yourself And Save Costs?

This is possible and depends mainly on the demand for the final result and your expertise. However, it should be noted that especially the construction of a substructure can be quite demanding.

If work is done incorrectly here, the floor can sink in some places, which would entail even higher costs for correction. Therefore, especially for non-professionals, it is recommended to hire a specialist company.

Are Patio Slabs A Good Choice For The Terrace?

Along with wooden decking, patio slabs are one of the most commonly chosen options for patio flooring. They are a first-class choice because they are visually appealing, durable, and comparatively cheap, especially if you choose concrete slabs.

Due to the size of the individual slabs, laying them is much faster and easier, especially when compared to pavers or smaller natural stones. So, patio slabs are definitely among the price-performance winners when it comes to patio materials.

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Saving Tips: How To Reduce The Cost Of Laying Patio Slabs?

1. Preliminary work on your own

In addition to minor preparatory work, such as cleaning the area, and removing plants, weeds, and furniture, there is other preliminary work that you can do yourself. However, all preliminary work should be briefly discussed with the dedicated professional company beforehand.

If you want to reduce the cost of craftsmen, you can, for example, uncover the subsoil and remove the old flooring. Excavations are also possible, but this requires a little more expertise. It is important to excavate the right depth.

2. Anticyclical laying of terrace slabs

Most orders are carried out in the spring and summer months. What many people do not know is that you can have patio slabs laid virtually all year round.

With a little luck, even small discounts can be achieved in the “off-season”, when the companies are not quite so busy. Only at sub-zero temperatures, the work is difficult and should be postponed at this time.

3. Use the free offer comparison

The terrace slab laying costs vary not only by the choice of material, but also depend very much on your region and the efficiency and hourly rates of the specialized companies.

It is therefore always worthwhile to carry out a free, regional comparison of offers beforehand and also to compare previous evaluations of the specialist companies.

How does the article about laying patio slabs cost per sqm – saving tips? Hopes it helps you to get the ideas of how much money you needed and what can you do to save more. Find a more interesting article about small backyard patio ideas and If you need a way to clean pavers on your patio from dirt, weeds, and moss. Read how to clean pavers on your patio. Find more about stone patio design in the articles backyard stone patio design ideas