How To Make Colorful Tree Stumps In The Backyard

Make tree stumps in the backyard – Tree stumps are wonderful for open-ended play. they’re an easy way to build some stepping stones, and these colored ones are especially amazing, providing fun at every step of the path.

For several years, I’ve wanted to add tree stumps to our outdoor play area. My in-laws were forced to take down a tree, which I took advantage of. They already knew I’d been looking for tree stumps.

They delivered 5! I was overjoyed that we finally had tree stumps. Well, I’m just a regular parent, and life gets busy, and we go about our days, and some things just get pushed aside. And the unfortunate tree stumps languished beside the deck for far too long without being utilised.

I wasn’t going to waste another year by not getting out there and putting them to use. We now have a great stump jump addition to our playground. We anticipate using them frequently to make up for lost time.

Make Tree Stumps In The Backyard


I had my husband roll the stumps up to one of our back yard trees and form a half circle with them. I chose this tree since it provides the most shade in the summer. Then, on extremely hot days, we can go outside and play in the shade.

The weather became erratic, with rain and cold days… Finally, we had a wonderful afternoon to go juggling. Even though the pollen was out and my allergies were out of control, we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying our stumps! We had waited far too long to play.

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When the youngsters reached the end of the stumps, they would jump as high and as far as they could. I have two energetic sons, and this was ideal for them. However, I believe that all children would appreciate this enjoyable outdoor play space.

This activity gets the youngsters moving and focusing on their gross motor abilities. They can enhance their balance by jumping around a lot. concentrating on vast muscular groups. They leaped down and went around the yard to the tree stumps to begin again. This was an excellent opportunity to practice working as a team, playing, and taking turns.

How To Make Tree Stumps For A Backyard Playground

What You Will Require:

  1. trees’ stumps
  2. paint splatter
  3. lacquer

What You Should Do To Make Tree Stumps

I sprayed the tops of the stumps with spray paint. After a couple applications, I applied spray paint lacquer. The bright colors simply brought a joyful element to the play areas. We are looking forward to spending time outdoors with them this year.

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