How to Make a Backyard Race Track for Kids in 4 Method

How to make a backyard race track for kids – If your children enjoy playing with toy cars, you may construct a race track in the backyard for them to race around. The most adventurous DIYers can construct a concrete track on which your children can play for years. You can also build a track with pavers if you want something less permanent. You can also split a pool noodle in half to create gravity-powered car races.

How to Make a Backyard Race Track for Kids :


Method 1: Construct A Concrete Race track

1. Determine the width of the track

Determine the number of lanes your track will have before you draw anything. Will it have two lanes like a conventional road or four lanes like other toy racing sets? To determine the necessary proportions, measure the breadth of one of your child’s toy automobiles.

Each lane on the race track should be wide enough for one automobile. Then double the width of the car by the number of lanes you want. This will give you an idea of the track’s breadth.

  • For example, if your child’s toy cars are 2.54 inches wide, your track should be at least 10.16 inches wide. This will give each car enough room so that they are not too close together.

2. Identify your route

Draw the track’s route with a string or rope. Set up the string so that your child’s toy cars can make good turns. Set up two rows of posts and tie the thread around these posts to draw the outline of the track if you wish to lay out the track in detail.

  • You should also utilize the string to determine the length of the track. This will help you determine how much brick you require.
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3. Excavate a ditch

You must dig your track after you have planned it out. With a shovel, dig a trench of the desired breadth and depth. If you dig in an area of your backyard where there is turf, you can cut the grass and replace it elsewhere.

  • Avoid digging into the roots of neighboring trees or bushes. Exposed roots can harm the plant. Furthermore, the roots may get distorted with time.

4. Fill the trench with bricktor.

Cover the bottom of the trench with the Bricktor. The Bricktor adds stability and keeps the concrete from cracking. This is especially important if you live in a place where the weather changes a lot from season to season.

  • Buy enough Bricktor to cover the entire length of the course based on your measurements.Most Bricktor rolls have dimensions to help you decide how much area they will cover.

5. Get your cement ready

In a large wheelbarrow, mix ¾ of the concrete and ¾ of the sand. Then add a small amount of water and mix with your shovel. This mixture should be smooth. Then add the remaining ¼ of the sand and concrete and keep mixing. Stir until the mixture is wet and thick, but no longer soupy.

  • To make the mixture black, add black oxide powder.
  • For optimal results, follow the manufacturer’s directions for the cement mix.

6. Apply the cement.

When the cement is thick enough, use the shovel to pour it into the trench. Fill the entire trench, then level it with a wooden spatula and trowel to produce a smooth surface for the tracks. Allow the leveling cement to dry for at least 24 hours.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cement drying time.

7. Make lines

To make the tracks, use a piece of yellow chalk to draw lines on the track. You can also paint lines on it, or design stencils and spray paint lines and traffic signals on it. Decorate the track however you wish.

Method 2: Build A Brick Race track in Your Backyard

1. Make the track

Choose a location in your yard for the track. Choose a moderately flat area where you will not kill grass. Furthermore, the area should be large enough to accommodate the construction of the track. However, because you are utilizing bricks, you may alter the track as needed.

  • Allow your children to help you build the track so they can enjoy a track that they helped build.
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2. Arrange the blocks.

Make the track by arranging the blocks in a row. Experiment with various tracks and designs. Eventually, you want music that loops back into itself. You can, however, select any design that you and your child prefer.

  • If you wish to firmly attach the bricks together, use landscape glue after you’ve built the track.
  • To add curves to your track, draw round lines in the corners with chalk.

3. Increase the number of lanes on the track.

Make a line in the middle of each block using a piece of yellow chalk. This might be a straight line or a succession of dashes like on a highway. You can also place a large patio stone along the lane and write parking lines on it to create a parking area for your lane.

Method 3: Construct A Pool Noodle Racing Track

1. Divide the noodles in half.

Using a serrated knife, split the noodles in half lengthwise. To obtain a straight cut, cut down one side of the noodle. Then, while cutting the second side, use the initial cut as a guide. This will result in two equal halves with grooves in the middle.

  • To make four sheets, cut another noodle in the same manner. You can repeat this step as many times as you like to make as many sheets as you desire.

2. Join the sides with glue.

Place the noodles side by side on a flat surface. Using a hot glue gun, spray a drop of glue immediately below the cut on one of the noodle parts. Squeeze the glue between the noodle halves as you press the sides together with the groove facing up. Hold it in place for a few seconds.

  • Repeat this procedure to add more rails.

3. Finish with some flags.

Cut little triangles from the construction paper with scissors. Glue the triangles together, then glue them to the side of the railway. Finally, cut a rectangular piece the same width as the two tracks and connect a toothpick to each end. Write “Finish” on one side of the paper and glue it to the bottom of the track.

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4. Lay out the track

Place the track on a chair, table, bench, or anything else that has a slanted surface. The higher the angle, the faster the cars. Allow your children to race their cars on the track.

Method 4: Creating A Simple Track


1. Make a trail in the grass.

You can cut a track in the grass in your yard to build a temporary track. You can cut a path in tall grass or adjust the cutting deck of your lawnmower so that the trail is somewhat lower than the rest of the mowed grass. Simply weave a path while mowing to create a temporary trail.

  • If you want to provide the track, mark it with spray paint.
  • The breadth of the path is determined by the width of the mower deck. The wider the mower deck, the wider the track.

2. Mark the track with chalk.

If you have a large cement or concrete slab in your yard, such as a patio or basketball court, you can use chalk to create a track. All you have to do is clear the area and draw a track. Add as many lanes as you need, and draw any traffic signals.

  • Depending on the available area, you can make the lane as wide as you wish.

3. Paint a track with spray paint.

Make a track with yellow or white spray paint. You can make the track small enough for your children’s toys or large enough for them to ride on. Your children can begin racing once the paint has dried.

  • For the grass, normal spray paint can be used. However, the track outline may be evident for several weeks. Avoid spraying on concrete because the tracks will be evident for months.
  • The track may be as broad as you desire, depending on the size of the cars.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make a backyard race track for kids. If you’re looking for more ideas for creating a lovely and engaging playground for your children, go no further than these backyard playground ideas. Also read how to build a backyard climbing rock wall and a slide for kids.