How To Clean Bleach on Pavers in 3 Easy Ways

If you have bleach on your pavers, don’t worry. There is always a way to clean it. Here how to clean bleach on pavers in 3 easy ways :

How To Clean Bleach on Pavers in 3 Easy Ways :

Spray bleach on pavers

To remove a stain on pavers, you should use diluted bleach. Although you may think bleach will damage your pavers, it is a relatively safe solution. Use a solution of 10 cups of water and one cup of bleach. Spray the pavers with the mixture and then rinse them with hot water. If the black spots persist, you should check the drainage around your pavers, including the slope of your property and the weight of storm drains.

Chlorine bleach works particularly well on pavers affected by moss or mold. Mix one part bleach with nine parts water in an empty garden sprayer. Pour the solution over the pavers and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Then scrub the pavers thoroughly with a long-handled scrub brush. Wear rubber gloves when using the solution.

Although bleach is a safe and inexpensive solution, it can damage the pavers if not used properly or often. It can also bleach the soil under the pavers, making it infertile for plants. It would be best to dilute the bleach solution before applying it to your pavers. If you decide to use bleach, apply it to the pavers on a sunny day. The bleach solution should dry thoroughly before you walk on it.

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Use baking soda or cornstarch.


If your pavers are stained with oil, you can use baking soda or cornstarch to remove the stain. It is highly absorbent and can soak up the oil for up to 60 minutes. It can be mixed with water to form a paste and then scrubbed in circular motions to remove the stain. You can also use a degreaser and liquid soap to remove stains.

Another way to clean bleach on pavers is to use bleach. This can be used to remove many different types of stains, including those on concrete. The trick is to dilute the bleach beforehand. This way, the product is safe for the pavers. Spray the solution on the pavers and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. You may need to extend the time if the pavers are particularly dirty.

You can also use dish soap to clean your pavers. Mix a small amount of dish soap with four cups of water and stir the two together. Use this mixture to clean the pavers.

Using trisodium phosphate

There are several ways to clean bleach on pavers. One method is to mix oxygen bleach with water. This solution is non-toxic and works well for stains and stubborn dirt. It should be combined in a garden sprayer and sprayed on dirty stones. Then it would be best if you rinsed it off with a garden hose.

Another way to bleach pavers is to use diluted bleach water. This type of bleach should be used in a ratio of 10 parts water to one. Never use thick bleach to clean pavers. Instead, dilute the bleach with water and use low pressure.

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Using trisodium phosphate is another option for bleaching concrete pavers. To do this:

  1. Mix one cup of trisodium phosphate with one gallon of hot water.
  2. After you apply the solution, let the mixture sit for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Scrub the concrete with a brush to remove stains and dirt. You can also make a paste of trisodium phosphate and corn starch and apply it in circular motions.

How about the article about how to clean bleach on pavers in 3 easy ways? Hopes it can help you find ideas to clean bleach on pavers. Also read how to clean pavers on your patio in 11 easy steps to get more ideas to clean a pavers patio on your backyard. Find more about stone patio design in the articles backyard stone patio design ideas