How To Build A Haunted House In Your Backyard

How to build a haunted house in your backyard – It’s that time of year again. Time for ghosts and ghouls, goblins and orcs, murderers and psychopaths to roam freely through the neighborhood in search of candy and other treats. One of the best parts of Halloween, and one of the most popular at BannerBuzz headquarters, is the haunted house. If you’re lucky, there’s a house in your neighborhood that takes charge every year.

Sometimes it is in the basement, sometimes in the garage or carport. However, with props becoming less expensive and more readily available each year, backyard haunted houses are all the rage. Here are some tips and pointers to make your home entertaining a success. Here how to build a haunted house in your backyard :


Big Plan

Create a map. You don’t have to use any special software (although that’s cool), just a simple drawing on paper will suffice. Are there rooms? Is it a maze? Are there places that need hidden storage? Do you understand what we are talking about? The planning phase, as with all projects, is the most important. Calculate your ideas online and get a feel for the cost – and consider 50% or more: …. Well, it’s a process. There is a reason why team members are always over budget, and it’s not just because of the drudgery. Also, you can’t just walk into a backyard haunted house store, pick up a kit, and get started right away (although that’s cool).

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Put A Price On The Materials For The Walls.

Along with the roof, if you plan to have one, the walls are the most expensive material. In the past, wood was often used for framing, 2×4 lumber for frames, cement bases for posts, etc. May I be so bold as to suggest picture frames, a recent favorite in the DIY world? PVC pipe These bad boys are surprisingly versatile. They can create an entire building plan for less than the price of wood, and they are easier to cut, assemble, disassemble, and store, not to mention more flexible. You may still need some kind of wood product for the walls, but PVC pipe makes framing much easier. For inspiration, check out some great ideas on Pinterest.

Buy In Bulk Online.

You will need a lot of black curtains. And we mean a lot. So, if you’re busy, look for the best deals online. Even if you are planning to paint parts, you will need a lot of black curtains. And that too in large quantities. Want to get creative? How about black plastic tarps? Or with huge industrial trash bags? You can lower the price even more, and they won’t be affected by rain. Something to think about.

Spend Money On Big Scares.

Just as an action movie spends much of its budget on action scenes, think about what the big scares are and make them the best they can be. Put special planning and special resources into it. This does not mean spending all of the film company’s money to tackle the problem. It still requires ingenuity. But use every last ounce of resources and energy to make these problems happen.

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Spiders Are Scary. Full Stop.

Only a few extraordinary zoologists like spiders. The rest of humanity would rather suffer a lot of torture before being forced to walk down a huge corridor full of cobwebs. That’s why it’s always good to get lots of spider web material online. I found 1100 square feet for $13 on Amazon. Then get a large quantity of the most realistic spiders and buy some of the most realistic animatronic spiders; I’ve seen some for $15 to $2,000 (including the “body”).

Clowns = Creepy

There’s a reason “It” and its sequel “It: Chapter Two” grossed over $500 million at the box office. Because creepy clowns are creepy. That’s why It is not a benevolent clown. Put on face paint and a clown nose, and evil pops out geometrically. Imagine, there is an animatronic killer clown at the entrance. And another one inside… However, inside is a live person who looks like an animatronic, and that live person suddenly attacks the guests. This is priceless fear. Please have a camera ready to take pictures in that room.

Accents Are Cheap To Have – But Don’t Forget To DIY!

Antique doors. Bloody executioner’s axe. Antique chalices Skulls, bones, skeletons. Chains. All of these things are easily (and cheaply) available. Even home improvement stores now carry them. So don’t skimp on your shopping.

What about home improvement stores, you ask? Because accents and crafting of haunted house accessories can make your backyard spook-fest just a little bit better. When in doubt – YouTube

Start Early.

Get to work. Don’t rush to throw it together. Be inventive. Don’t leave tombstones untouched. Think about what scares you the most and build around that. From there, you can build or find lots of cool things, from big scares to decorations, all of which can enhance your haunted house game.

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