How Do You Make A Chalkboard For Your Backyard?

Do you want a fun way to keep your kids amused in the backyard? This massive chalkboard for your backyard fence is a fantastic addition to your backyard, and the kids will enjoy it!

If you have a child, you know how much fun chalk is. My son enjoys drawing with chalk and could do it all day outside. The only problem is that he can’t do anything on our patio because there isn’t enough space! So we devised our own solution: a massive outside chalkboard that hangs over our gate. It looks fantastic, has kept up nicely, and he is constantly playing with it!

How To Build A Backyard Chalkboard


Materials Needed For Chalkboard In Backyard:

  • 4′ x 8’pressure-treated plywood (for outside use, I recommend pressure-treated plywood!).
  • three pre-finished 8-foot-long 1x4s (you can get cedar or pressure-treated if you want to make it extra weatherproof, but we used plain white-it will stay good if you paint it).
  • a quarter-inch cedar piece (to attach to the fence).
  • Primer
  • Painting brushes and rollers (this is my favorite brand of paint brushes)
  • Chalkboard paint in white
  • Stain or paint the frame (I did this).
  • Drill/screwdriver with power
  • Gluing wood
  • Clamping mechanisms
  • 1.5 and 3 inch screws
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Painting And Preparation For Backyard Chalkboard

First, we choose a location; we have a stretch of fence that is nicely flanked by trees and receives adequate shade. It was wonderful because Jackson had frequently performed there!

We began with a large piece of plywood (48 feet)—a concrete foundation would have been a better alternative for weatherproofing, but we knew it would hold up well because we planned to paint it.

We began with a priming coat. Before purchasing pre-painted frames, I primed both sides of the board three times. We used our miter saw to cut the frame boards at a 45-degree angle on both sides before applying the primer, and we took great care to seal the edges of all the boards because that’s where water may get in.

It was time to paint after everything had been prepared. The yellow frame components contrasted with the black massive board. If you want to do it yourself, read the paint directions carefully—I had no idea you had to wait 24 hours between chalkboard paint applications!

A word of caution about chalkboard paint: do not use it outside. You might be able to discover a version that can be used outside if you look hard enough and apply your imagination, but we didn’t have any issues with how long it lasted.

Assembling The Chalkboard

It was time to put everything together after it had been painted!

We used wood glue to attach the frame pieces to the front of the board, as seen above. Then we drilled 1 1/2′′ screws into the board’s back.In this manner, no screws are visible on the front of the board!

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After that, all we had to do was hang it up.

We hung the board from a trellis and secured each end to a post. As illustrated above, we hung two cedar boards as spacers between the posts for increased strength. We chose cedar because it was the only material we could leave untreated and open to the weather.

Hung the outdoor chalkboard exactly where we wanted it, then used external black screws to fasten the boards to the pillars and supports. We just drilled into the dark section of the board, making them hardly visible.

To retain Jackson’s chalk, we built a cute little hook and a metal bucket on the board! The bucket is for potting and has a little hole at the bottom so rain can run through.

We hung out and finished everything while Jackson was napping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to use a special drill to drill into Hardieboard?

Use cement-specific screws and drills because Hardie is made of cement.

How much blackboard paint did you use?

Two coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint were used (see materials list). Even though the paint was only meant to be used inside, it did a great job.

Is it possible to repurpose a chalkboard?

The material determines this. It will not last outside if it is composed of particle board. Because the cement board I used does not absorb water, it lasts so long.

How much weight does this chalkboard have?

Because the barrier is heavy, it must be strong. We fastened our board to the fence posts rather than the wood fence itself.

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I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how do you make a chalkboard for your backyard? If you’re looking for more ideas for creating a lovely and engaging playground for your children, go no further than these backyard playground ideas. Also read how to make a backyard race track for kids in 4 method.