How Big of a Backyard Do You Need For a Pool?

How big of a backyard do you need for a pool? It’s a common question, and many people ask, what is the best size of a pool for my small backyard? Many factors must be considered when building a swimming pool.

These factors are size, shape, and the materials required to complete your outdoor living project. These are essential for sketching out your pool’s components. Pools come in various sizes, and with certain pool construction procedures, the size of your pool is truly limitless.
The most significant factors to consider are the cost, who will construct your project, the design, and the location of your pool in the ground.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to choose the right size pool for your backyard hideaway. We will also provide some helpful hints to consider while deciding on a swimming pool size for your backyard.

How Big of a Backyard Do You Need For a Pool?


You must plan everything from the shape of your pool to the materials you will use to ensure that you build the pool of your dreams. There’s no turning back once it’s created, so plan carefully.

The size of a pool is one of its most crucial features. You want your pool to be large enough for everyone to enjoy yet not take up too much area.

So, how big is the average pool, and how can you know what size is best for you?

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Pool Dimensions to Consider

Pools as a house addition are exciting, but it also demands careful planning. One of the most critical factors to consider is if there will be enough space for the pool you envision. You may get an idea of what size your pool will be, how much room you’ll need, and how much adding a pool would cost by estimating popular pool sizes.

What is the point of having a pool?

It appears to be a simple question, but if you dig further, you may discover that you require a swimming pool in your backyard for various reasons.

Building a swimming pool does not happen simply because you want one. In most cases, there is a primary motive for installing a swimming pool.

As a result, it’s critical to consider all of the alternatives that a swimming pool may provide you and your family before deciding the appropriate size pool for your yard.

Consider the following ideas:

A. Pools must feature a shallow end and, in some situations, a deep end for recreational purposes. Children can use the shallow end, while older or more experienced swimmers can utilize the deep end.

This is significant since people of all ages may use the pool. A depth of fewer than six feet is ideal for most pool purposes.

  • A pool of 18 feet by 36 feet is recommended for a family of six to eight people. This should be enough to prevent crowding and allow for gameplay. For this size, rectangular pools look best. Looking for a fantastic model in this size range?
  • A 16-foot-by-32-foot space would be better appropriate for a family of fewer than six people. Swimming and casual leisure would be possible with this size pool while remaining cool. This pool size best suits kidney, free-form, or bean-shaped pools. For this size range, the Coral Sea and Oyster are good choices.
  • For smaller backyard footprints, seek a pool that allows you to simply chill out and relax. Smaller pools offer more versatility and take up less room, which is ideal if you have a tiny backyard to work with. You should opt for a pool less than 14 feet by 25 feet. The Outback Escape, Milano, and Pixie are excellent fiberglass pool models in this size range.
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B. Swimming laps for regular workouts require a rectangle-shaped pool. We propose a minimum length of 30 feet to allow for lap swimming and exercise. The swim lane is crucial, as are the depth and other characteristics. Lap swimming is popular in the Coral Sea and Whitsundays.

C. Pool depths should be greater than your height for competitive and athletic swimmers, and you should have a pool that allows you to practice complete strokes to maximize your efforts.

We have two 40-foot-long pool versions that are also ideal for parties. Here you may see all of our pool models.

What is the size of your living area?

You can optimize your project because we provide a variety of swimming pool sizes. Not every pool has the same requirements, and not every backyard has the same size. As a result, the amount of space you have in your backyard will determine the swimming pool size you can install and any other design features you wish to incorporate.

However, not all residences have large enough outdoor spaces to support a variety of swimming pool sizes. As a result, when constructing your swimming pool project, it’s critical to make the most of your living space.

Swimming Pool Sizes on Average


Swimming pools, indoor or outdoor, come in practically any shape or size, allowing you to design a pool that meets your demands and the style and décor of your home and yard. However, a few standard proportions might help you determine how much area your pool will require.

Most in-ground swimming pools are rectangular or elliptical, with lengths roughly twice as long as their widths.

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Small pools are typically ten by 20 feet (3 by 6 meters). Large swimming pools are typically 20 by 40 feet, or six by 12 meters, in size. Unless there is a deep end for diving, most swimming pools have an average depth of 5.5 feet (1.7 meters).

To summarize your swimming pool size options,

Getting the right size and shape of a swimming pool for your family may be harder than you thought.

You will have to think about many things, which may seem daunting at first. This is when a professional swimming pool installer might come in handy.

They can help you look at your options for swimming pool models based on your needs and figure out the best swimming pool size for everything mentioned in this blog post. 

How about the article how big of a backyard do you need for a pool? I hope the articles can give you an idea what the best shape of a pool for your small backyard. Find more ideas for backyard pools on small backyard pool ideas. You can also read the different types of swimming pools to know more about swimming pools and what is the best for your backyard.