DIY Small Backyard Garden Ideas

Garden Design: 5 DIY Small Backyard Garden Ideas

DIY Small Backyard Garden IdeasMy garden design project started in the first lockdown. We had plenty of time and my dream of a tulip bed took unexpected forms. I’ve been a big fan of self-picking flower fields for years and have harvested tulips, dahlias, and co every year. 

Originally, I dreamed of a tulip field behind our pond, but that could not be implemented so, unfortunately. Alternatively, a large bed of 5 beds was created in our apple orchard. 

5 DIY Small Backyard Garden Ideas :

Small Backyard Garden Ideas

Gladly I would like to show you today 5 DIY ideas for garden design.

A Yellow Bench for The Garden

A cheap frieze bench from the hardware store can be painted in your favorite color within a short time. Even an old garden bench can be given a great new look with a new coat of paint. I dared to use a bright zinc yellow. The bench is a real eye-catcher in front of the picket fence. Here the coffee tastes twice as good in the sun.

A Decorative Bicycle as An Eye-Catcher in The Garden Design

An absolute classic in garden design is a planted bicycle, isn’t it? In many front gardens, on the fence, tree, or leaning against the wall of the house are always bicycles to discover. Sometimes colorfully painted or wildly planted.

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We also had an old bike in the shed. The perfect place was quickly found and the baskets are quickly planted seasonally. Small tip: Lay out plant baskets with foil, but be sure to cut holes in them.

A Planting Table for The Garden

This planting table was an absolute bargain secondhand. I find it worthwhile for the garden flea market groups, flea markets, and the classifieds to browse. With some white paint and a thick board as reinforcement, the planting table was quickly fit again. I use it for seeding and storage for my enamel bowls and smaller garden tools. It is also a perfect tray to tie bouquets.

A Bed in The Garden – Yes Right Heard For The Coziness Factor In Garden Design.

We have had a bed on the balcony for many years, and when I came around the corner with this idea I was briefly smiled at. But after a few years of having a bed on the balcony, I didn’t have to do any convincing for this bed in the garden.

Quite the opposite – the bed in the garden now has the dimensions 140cm x 200cm on the balcony against only 100cm x 200 cm. So there is enough space to comfortably listen to the crackling of the campfire with a glass of wine or to look up at the starry sky.

Now let’s get to my favorite question: ” Anne, do you always bring the pillows in at night?” Yes, indeed I do. Folding mattresses pillows and blankets are transported into the garden in a pimped-out handcart.

For the really big luck, I still lack a golf cart, but until then I also like to run twice. I rarely enjoy the garden alone, so I always have a helping hand. It is worth it.

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DIY Signpost as Garden Decoration

Also, a well-known eye-catcher of garden design is the signpost. The signpost draws the eye. With a few witty sayings, you can customize this garden signpost and adapt it for your garden.

For This DIY Signpost You Will Need the:

DIY Small Backyard Garden Ideas

  1. slate slabs
  2. an outdoor marker 
  3. and of course, a wooden stake to attach the signs to.

The slate plates are made into the shape of an arrow as desired and labeled with the outdoor marker. Then the slate plates can be screwed into the wooden stake. But be careful, the plates break quickly.

I’m curious how you liked these 5 DIY small backyard garden ideas. Let me comment there, which idea you have already implemented or are currently planning!?