DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping

A DIY backyard fire pit ideas landscaping brings family and friends together to enjoy the warmth of the fire, chat, and maybe even roast marshmallows.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the winter season, simply sitting around the warm glow and crackle of wood from a beautiful fire. You can feel all the tensions melt away with the flickering of the flames.

Studies show that the relaxing and blood pressure lowering effects of sitting around a campfire is deeply embedded in our DNA and inherited from our ancestors.

If you’ve been longing for the flickering flames and family fun that comes with a big backyard fire pit but have been putting it off, now is the perfect time to start crackling – or sizzling. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best DIY backyard fire pit ideas landscaping.

What is a fire pit?


As the term implies, a fire pit is a hole dug into the ground to contain a fire or prevent it from spreading.

The earliest use of fire pits dates back to 400,000-200,000 years ago, in excavation sites from South Africa to Israel.

According to archaeological findings, fireplaces were used to keep warm in caves, to hold food, and ward off predators that had easy access to the fire.

Although modern fireplaces still serve the same functions, they have evolved structurally.

Fireplaces that were once dug into the ground are now enclosed with cairns and other fireproof materials. Nonetheless, fire pits still serve as warmers on cold days and for s’mores and other picnic foods. Architecturally, fireplaces also enhance the home. How to build a simple backyard fire pit ideas?

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How to build a Fire Pit Ideas For Small Backyard

Do you have an idea for a fire pit that you’re dying to make a reality in your backyard? Here are instructions on how to build a simple backyard fire pit ideas.

Supplies for building a backyard fire pit:

  • 100 bricks
  • Steel pit ring with lugs
  • Metal grate
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Shovel

Steps to set up:

Step 1: Find a location for the fire pit.

The fire pit you build will be a permanent fixture in your backyard. Therefore, you want to place it in a location where you will enjoy it for a long time. You’ll also need to consider the soil, as flat ground with no grass is best.

Step 2: Dig the hole

You should dig a hole that is about three feet wider than the desired diameter of the fire pit. So if you want a 5-foot fire pit, you will need to dig a hole that is 7 feet in diameter. Dig it about 1 foot deep.

Step 3: Fill the pit with gravel and sand.

Fill the pit with 4 inches of gravel, followed by 4 inches of sand.

Step 4: Set up your circle

Place the first circle of bricks on top of the layer of sand you just placed. Since this is the first layer, you’ll need to make sure it’s level throughout, even if you have to dig into the sand a bit. Use a steel ring to measure this circle.

Step 5: Fill the cracks

Fill the gaps between the bricks with sand, gravel, or cement.

Step 6: Build it

Follow steps 4 and 5 to build your fire pit. Use steel rings to make sure each layer is the same diameter and the fire pit doesn’t lean. Once you are one layer shorter than your desired height, stop.

Step 7: Laying the grate

Place the grate on the second highest level and place the last circle of stones. This way you will have a fire pit.

When you first light the fire pit, it is advisable to have a bucket of water nearby in case the fire gets too high or the bricks do not hold the fire as planned.

How to make a DIY backyard fire pit table


The only thing more fun than a DIY fire pit is a DIY fire pit table, and it’s almost as easy to make. Follow these instructions to build your fire pit table.

Supplies for building a backyard fire pit table:

  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Kreg jig
  • Wood glue
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Jigsaw
  • Carpet knife
  • 5 boards (2x4x8)
  • 1 board (1x4x8)
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Energy source for fire
  • Cement board
  • Putty
  • Stain/color as desired

Steps to set up:

Step 1: Cut your wood

Cut the wood into equal-sized pieces to make the square sides of your table. The pieces for the top can be slightly longer to make a rectangular table.

Step 2: Assemble the wood

Drill holes in some of the boards. Use them to assemble the others into squares. It is recommended to make boxes of 5 boards put together for the sides of the table.

Place the longer pieces on top and fasten them. You can also use wood glue if you need extra adhesion.

Step 3: Stain or paint the table.

Now it’s time to stain or paint your table if you plan to do so. You should also sand down any rough edges.

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Step 4: Punch a hole

Next, cut a hole in the table where you plan to insert the fire pit. Cut the hole slightly larger than the size of the kit, about an inch on each side.

Step 5: Assembling the fireplace Bix

Cut a wooden box the size of the kindling box you purchased and assemble it. Make sure it is slightly larger than the hole you just cut. Place your cement board on the bottom of the box. Use putty to hold it in place.

Step 6: Attach the box to the table

Attach the box to the bottom of the table using screws and wood glue. It should be secure and dry before you move on to the next step.

Step 7: Add the insert for the fire pit.

Place the finished fire pit table in the location where you plan to use it. Then, insert the fire pit into the box. Fill up the excess space with fireproof material like burning glass or stones, and you’re ready to enjoy your new fire pit table.

Where can you buy DIY fire pit kits?


It can be a challenge to source all the materials you need to build a fire pit kit. Many craft stores and hardware stores offer kits that you can use to build your fire pit.

You can also search online for these kits and have them shipped directly to your home.

These kits include a gas insert to start the fire and materials to contain it. They still require some assembly as well as some additional materials, so even if you buy them, you’ll still feel like you’re building your fire pit.

Frequently asked questions :

What are the best stones for a stone fire pit?

Not all stones are suitable for a stone fire pit. So when you start building a stone fire pit, consider the following:

  • Solid rock: marble, slate, and granite.
  • Less dense stone: lava glass or lava rock, refractory bricks, poured concrete.

Limestone, slate, and sandstone are also used for masonry fireplaces, but they are so porous that they are not recommended.

How far away from the house should a fireplace be?

According to international fire safety standards, fire pits should be 10 feet away from the house or any combustible structures or materials in the house. The fire pit should also have a side clearance of 3 feet and an overhang clearance of 4 feet.

Can you roast marshmallows over a gas fire pit?

If you have a propane fire pit or an open stone fire pit, then you can roast marshmallows on it. Propane is just another name for liquefied petroleum gas, which is used for both cooking and grilling, making it food safe.

How many stones do I need for a simple backyard fire pit ideas?

At least 80 bricks are required for a 3-foot diameter fire pit. However, if you want an exact calculation, all you need to do is multiply the diameter of your fire pit by 3.14. So, for a 4-foot diameter fire pit, 150.72 bricks are needed.

What is the best glass color for fire pits?

The most recommended glass color for fire pits is sky blue reflective fire glass. It is best suited for propane and other types of indoor and outdoor gas fire pits because it can withstand extremely high temperatures. Plus, the rich blue hue is also visually appealing, making it suitable for a dual purpose.

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What should you put under a fire pit on your lawn? 

For insulation and safety reasons, sand should be spread on the grass under the fire pit. Nevertheless, the sand should be sprayed with water before use or during the night, so that the heat is evenly distributed and the grass does not catch fire.

Are fireplaces legal in New York City?

Fireplaces, patio fireplaces, and gas fireplaces are considered open flames in New York and are therefore illegal. The use of wood and gas is a fire hazard in the state and is therefore strictly prohibited.

Electric fireplaces, however, are allowed by the state and are usually placed in upscale penthouses and along elite centers.

How deep should the fireplace be? 

The depth of a fireplace depends on the material used to build it. Nevertheless, the average depth should be 6-8 feet. You will not be able to enjoy the well-distributed heat of a fire pit if it is deeper.

Does the fire pit need a liner?

This is completely optional, but if you want to improve the look of your fire pit and if you want to have another layer of insulating material for your fire pit, it would be a great option. However, the bricks do not need to be lined.

Can I use galvanized steel for a fire pit?

Galvanized steel is not recommended for use as a fire pit because galvanized steel gives off zinc fumes when exposed to high heat. These fumes are harmful to health if inhaled. Therefore, never use galvanized steel for fire pits.

How much does it cost to build a simple backyard fire pit? 

Again, it depends on the materials used and the complexity of the fireplace design. The cheapest fireplace to build DIY will have a benchmark cost of $300. The mid-tier is $700 and the high-end DIY fireplace will be at $1200 and above.

For a professional installation, expect to pay $800 and up. For prefabricated fireplace kits, expect to pay between $400 and $800.

Are fire pit kits a good investment? 

If it is a high-quality investment, then yes, it is a good investment. Since a complete kit is included, including high-quality inserts, a fireplace kit can create an atmospheric ambiance for family and friends in no time.

Is a fireplace required for a fireplace kit? 

Not necessarily. But if you want your fire pit to burn longer and distribute heat more evenly throughout the room, a grate for your fire pit is a good idea.

There’s no doubt that fire pits are a great investment for adding beauty to a home. Since they can be constructed from a variety of materials, you can easily accent a room in your home with a fireplace. With the advent of electricity, fire bowl types, and other types of fire pits that are no longer gas and wood, there are so many things that can be explored and built for your home.

With all the fire pits we have covered here, you can now choose the best fire pit and type for you. From here you can narrow down the estimate and build the fire pit of your choice.

Hope the article DIY backyard fire pit ideas landscaping help you to build your fire pit dream. And find more inspiration article about backyard ideas here.