9 Best Tips To Celebrate Children’s Birthdays Party On Budget

Every year, parents need to celebrate children’s birthdays party. Invitation cards must be designed, the house has to be decorated, and enough food and drinks must be provided. And, depending on the party, admission to the zoo, for example, must also be planned. In short, a children’s birthdays party can quickly become expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Here we tell you how to celebrate a children’s birthdays party on budget.

Original children’s birthdays party ideas that sparkle for little money

Do you want to prepare an unforgettable birthday but don’t want or can’t spend much like Kim Kardashian? Then the most effective way to balance a small budget for a children’s birthdays party is creativity and attention to detail. The easiest way is to organize themed parties that will delight both young and old. If you have a theme, it is best to match not only the decorations but also the food and outfits of the guests. When choosing a theme, it is advisable not to go into too much detail. The more open-ended the theme, the more freedom the guests – and you – have to decide.

When choosing a theme, ask yourself the following questions: What is currently popular? Which themes are true evergreens and, therefore, always work? Or you can keep it simple and ask yourself what your children would like.


Ideas and decorations for the theme party

Do your kids love Elsa, the ice queen from “Frozen”? Then turn the children’s birthdays party into a winter fairy tale and use simple decorations for a significant effect. In this case, you can use silver balloons, white garlands, blue cups, and homemade snowflake garlands.

You can also keep the cost of costumes down with simple tricks. For example, your child is not turning away from his love for Cowboy Woody from “Toy Story”? Instead of buying the original costume, design the birthday party costume yourself with your child – all you need is a yellow shirt, blue jeans, a vest, a red scarf, a gun belt, and a cowboy hat. Et voilá: you have a real cowboy in your room.

More inspiration for theme parties that don’t cost much:

  • If your child loves adventure, let them be a pirate for a day.
  • Little ones’ favorite movies or books – whatever your child likes are in demand right now.
  • The three ???? or !!! Are in? Then make a detective spectacle and surgery center.
  • Turn your living room or garden into a paradise for dinosaurs or magicians and teach them tricks.
  • Children also love glitter and beautiful music – organize a mini-disco with dancing games. And don’t forget the disco ball.
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Our money-saving tip: If you’d instead save time putting together your costume, it’s worth looking beyond Fasching and Halloween for complete outfits. Outside these events, you can get cheap costumes at the Karneval Megastore.

Cheap children’s birthdays party also without a theme

Of course, you can also organize a children’s party without a theme. The best way is to call on the party expert par excellence: your child. Ask your child how they would like to spend the birthday, what decoration best suits it, and what should be on the menu. You can also involve your child in choosing the games – because they know best what they like.

To ensure that the birthdays child’s wishes and ideas do not get out of hand, it is advisable to plan the budget and give the child certain limits roughly. If the ideas for the party match the feasibility, nothing will stand in the way of an unforgettable party.

With small children (three to four years old), it does not have to be a significant and fancy party. Concentration is usually short-lived at this age, and lots of excitement and frenzy will cause stress rather than fun. Games should be kept short; the excellent idea is to do crafts with the child and the whole party, including the parents.

Or you can organize a movie night. Make pizza together, get some popcorn and darken the room. And the fun can begin – and you don’t have to do that much.

We are saving in advance: from invitations to entertainment

Organizing early can save time, money, and especially nerves! If you have enough time before the children’s party, you can compare prices, use our Sparwelt vouchers, and, when in doubt, wait for the perfect bargain. That way, you don’t have to stress about making or arranging decorations and the like. By planning, you also give the parents of the invited children enough time to find a suitable gift. Now we’ll tell you how and where to save money:

Reduce the number of guests

What can save you money and your nerves? That’s right: limit the number of guests. City mom Katharina of the blog recommends from her own experience: “One guest per year of life. I didn’t manage that this year with my daughter (4) – there were five guests. Nevertheless, this number of children was still manageable.” You can also give them your full and undivided attention with fewer guests.

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Design your invitations

You can easily design your invitations online and have them printed inexpensively. Send them electronically if you don’t want to spend money on invitations. The free Web-based Pixlr editor lets you upload photos and add personalized invitation text. Again, creativity quickly makes up for a small budget.

Or you can do it like in your childhood: with a few leaves, crayons, glue, glitter, and the like, you can design the invitations individually and creatively together with the birthday boy or girl. Not only will you have a lot of fun crafting with your offspring, but the party guests will also get a lovely card as a reminder of the party.

Finding a suitable location

The question of all questions: where will the party be held? Parents break their heads over this question year after year. Especially at a young age, Katharina also finds that more significant activities such as trips to the zoo, a visit to a children’s theater, or an indoor playground are not only too expensive but are also generally overrated: “Any park or forest can be turned into an adventure playground by a scavenger hunt – and you also save on the entrance fee.” Of course, if the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor celebrations, you can move the party inside. If there is not enough space, you can ask relatives or friends if the party can take place at their home.

Church congregations and associations sometimes offer their halls as venues for a reasonable price. Garden owners, of course, have it even easier: their yard can quickly be transformed into a first-class play paradise.

Save time and money on decorations

Creativity and a do-it-yourself mentality are essential here. In addition to avoiding expensive licensed branded items, you can save money on tableware. Katharina reveals her trick: “Instead of expensive paper plates, I used our ordinary and colorful children’s dinnerware and decorated the table with garlands and balloons. Moreover, you save yourself the trouble of cleaning up all the trash afterward. The environment will also thank you for not using disposable dinnerware! Or stick to finger foods – that’s not only practical and delicious, but you won’t have to worry about washing up after the party.

The right food makes all the difference

A children’s birthdays party on budget without tasty snacks? Unimaginable. When choosing food, choose simple ingredients that are also easy to prepare. To be safe, select food children like: you can hardly go wrong with sandwiches or pizza. However, check in advance if any children have intolerances or allergies! In the summer, you can also use fruit and homemade ice cream.

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It is even cheaper if the birthday party does not start until noon, when the invited children already have lunch, and ends before dinner. This means that small snacks in between and the obligatory cake will suffice. This does not have to come from the pastry chef; you can also bake it quickly and easily. This saves money, and homemade food usually tastes better. Muffins are very popular because they are convenient and delicious. They are also an excellent alternative to cake – but one does not exclude the other.

Last-minute tip: Are you up to your neck in preparation stress only to realize missing ingredients or drinks? No problem: REWE, Lidl, and many other supermarkets offer an online delivery service where you can buy the missing items and conveniently deliver them to your home the next day.

Provide fun and entertainment

A children’s birthdays party should have one thing: fun for the birthday child and their guests. This does not require fun activities or professional clowns and magicians. It is best to plan a few quiet moments to compensate for the wild games. A limited party relieves both the parents and the budget and reduces the risk of boredom: three hours is usually more than enough.

You can be very creative when choosing the games: for example, if your child loves LEGO, you can divide the birthday party into two groups and have a LEGO building contest. Or you can have the children create a story they must act out. A scavenger hunt is also popular and easy to prepare: for example, hand out puzzle pieces that, when put together, provide the clue to the treasure at the end. A reward at the end of the game provides the necessary motivation: a gift, candy, or a prize in line with the party theme increases the commitment of all involved.

A great children’s birthdays party is not a matter of budget

So here’s how to have a children’s birthdays party on budget. If you follow a few rules and our money-saving tips, you can have a great party without spending much money. And even though it is complex: make sure you limit the number of guests – that way, you have already eliminated one of the most cost-intensive factors. Also, try to get your decorations and costumes together in time and order them online when relevant stores offer discount deals. Or use an ornament, in modified form, multiple times. So all that remains is to say: have a fantastic children’s birthday party for your offspring and, of course, for yourself!

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