Using Simple Green To Clean Pavers

Can Simple Green Used To Clean Pavers? 5 Ways To Clean Pavers

Using simple green on your pavers can be an effective way to clean them. The solution is one ounce of Simple Green to one cup of water. Before cleaning your pavers, test a small area to see how the solution reacts to the surface. Leave the answer on the pavers for at least two minutes and then scrub them lightly and in different directions.

Using Simple Green To Clean Pavers

Outdoor cleaner

Simple Green is a non-toxic cleaner that can remove stains from pavers. It removes rust stains, food scraps, and oil stains. It should be applied according to the directions on the bottle and scrubbed thoroughly. If you are concerned about the chemicals in Simple Green, you can replace it with white vinegar, which is also a natural stain remover. This cleaner can penetrate deep into the pores and recesses of plaster to remove residue. It also does not change the color of the plaster, making it an excellent choice for cleaning.

Apply the solution to the pavers with a broom or wire brush. You can also use a scouring pad to remove stains and dirt. After you apply the solution, gently scrub the pavers in different directions. You can also apply the answer to a small area and see how it reacts to the pavers.


Try dishwashing detergent if you are tired of spending a fortune on commercial pavement stone cleaners. Detergent is best applied to pavers with a soft-bristled brush. Its surfactants can remove stubborn dirt and stains without affecting the pavers.

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Bleach is another solution you can use to clean pavers, but be sure to dilute it. An explanation of one part bleach and one part liquid dish soap is ideal. The dishwashing solution enhances the effect of the bleach and helps wash away the dirt. You will be amazed at how clean your pavers look after using this solution.

Detergent is also suitable for removing oil stains. Mix it with water and gently scrub the pavement surface. Regular sweeping will also keep your pavers looking like new. The best pavement stone cleaners are those made from natural ingredients. Using simple green products makes cleaning less toxic and reduces the risk of color fading.


When cleaning pavers, it is essential to use a solution that is safe for the pavers and does not contain harsh chemicals. Water cleans plain green pavers without damaging the stone and can also be used to remove stubborn stains. It would help if you washed your pavers only once a year with a pressure washer. Sweeping the pavers daily is the best way to remove dirt and prevent stains.

If you are unsure how to clean your pavers, you can try applying a cleaner to an inconspicuous area. To ensure you don’t damage the pavers, you can scrub the area with a wire brush or a stiff long-handled broom. You can also use a scouring pad to loosen stains or dirt.

Simple Green

Simple Green is an excellent product for cleaning paved outdoor areas. This natural cleaner has a mild formula that removes dirt and stains. It is perfect for oily stains, pet droppings, and food debris. It is also effective on rust and salt stains. This product does not contain bleach and should not be mixed with other chemicals. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and scrub as needed.

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First, make a solution of one cup of water and one ounce of Simple Green. Make a sample before applying the answer to the entire patio. Let the solution sit on the pavers for a few minutes. Once the pavers have absorbed the solution, you can gently scrub them. It is best to scrub the pavers lightly and in different directions.

Pressure washer

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean your pavers, it is best to use a pressure washer. You can also use a broom. With a broom, you can remove layers of dirt that may be stuck in the stone’s pores. The pressure washer is also good at removing salt and embedded dirt. Make sure you use the proper pressure and nozzle for the job.

To remove stubborn stains, use a commercial cleaner. These cleaners are safe for pavers and will help you remove the most stubborn dirt. The gentle washing method is also good for the environment because it helps improve outdoor air quality. You can also use an oxygenated bleach that is not harmful to most outdoor plants. This type of bleach is biodegradable and available at most hardware stores. Need more ideas to clean your pavers? you can also read How To Clean Pavers On Your Patio In 11 Easy Steps. Find more about stone patio design in the articles backyard stone patio design ideas