Backyard Pool

6 Easy Tips To Build a Pool In a Sloped Yard?


Do you want to build a pool in a sloped yard? If your yard has a slope, there are many things you can do to avoid problems. Some basic techniques prevent soil erosion and maintain the beauty of your garden. These include retaining walls and plants with a strong root system. With these techniques, you can create the ideal environment …

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10 Things You Should Know About Small Backyard Pool Ideas


Looking for small backyard pool ideas? Well, we’ve got you covered. Setting up a pool in a limited area can seem like an impossible task. How and where to squeeze into the pool when dealing with a small, narrow, or just plain awkwardly shaped backyard? Creativity is required. If you’re smart, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire outdoor space …

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Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas


To make your backyard spa the ultimate relaxation zone, you need some good hot tub privacy ideas. This way, you can enjoy your bubbles in peace without worrying about your neighbors or the rest of the yard. Also, placing the hot tub in its area creates a defined “space” – a place exclusively for relaxation and separate from the daily …

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