How Do I Build Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget? 8 Easy Steps

How do i build backyard patio ideas on a budget – This guide shows you tips on how to build your patio cheaply. Find out what the cost differences are for wood, stone, or tile decking and how to place the foundation at the right distance from the ground.

What Are The Cost Factors When Building A Patio?

A seating area in the greenery opens up new opportunities to enjoy the garden. At the same time, a project as large as building a patio comes with hidden costs, in addition to the expense of materials, such as planks and screws, and the possible rental of machinery.

The biggest cost factors in patio construction are

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In addition, the following factors play a role in the cost of your patio

Possible craftsman services that may be required

Required tools and machines

The following tips will help you to get to the bottom of hidden costs and to better estimate the financial outlay for the entire project. At the same time, they offer concrete tricks that you can use to save money during implementation.

How Do I Build Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget?


Choose A Straight Patio Shape

The shape and size of your new patio will have a significant impact on the overall cost of your project, so choose a straight patio shape is important for backyard patio ideas on a budget. For an expansive area, the amount of labor and materials used is significantly higher than for a more limited seating area. In terms of shape, there are also numerous design options: Matched to the plot, orientation, and personal preferences, oval and curved, semicircular, or triangular contours are conceivable.

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However, straight-line layouts are easier to implement and therefore more cost-effective than fancy and individual cuts. The only exception is a gravel or stone patio. Since in this variant the patio covering is piled up and not laid, special patterns are not necessarily associated with higher costs, since, for example, an expensive substructure is not required.

Use Existing Conditions

A thorough survey of the individual conditions on site is a good prerequisite to exclude unnecessary expenses for the patio in advance. You may be able to reuse the substructure of an existing patio. This minimizes the amount of work, saves materials, and thus also costs.

In the case of an existing wooden terrace, for example, it may make sense to simply replace the boards and repair any damage, such as moisture, to the substructure to create a completely different overall look. It can therefore be worthwhile to carefully weigh up your wishes and the respective building conditions in the planning phase.

Take The Durability Of The Decking Into Account

The cost per square meter of the patio is determined by the choice of materials and the construction of the substructure. Higher-quality building materials and a stable base usually improve the durability of the entire project, making the higher investment worthwhile in the long run.

You can best choose the appropriate decking and foundation based on your own needs: If the new seating area is to be erected primarily cheaply and quickly, to read there in a deck chair or to barbecue for two, then a decking made of larch or Douglas fir wood is a good choice. Much more durable and robust wooden terraces, on the other hand, are made of WPC or hardwoods such as bamboo and Bangkirai.

For a prestigious seating area, where parties with friends or large barbecues are regularly planned, it can make sense and be more economical in the long term to install a patio made of high-quality porcelain stoneware in bonded construction. A wooden terrace is less suitable for this purpose, as it does not withstand moisture so well. It is therefore advisable to include your plans and future use in the calculation for your patio in good time.

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Calculate The Exact Amount Of Material

As soon as you have marked out the dimensions of the planned patio, it is advisable to calculate the necessary materials for the substructure and covering. In addition, you may need special mortar for grouting tiles, paving stones, stone, or concrete slabs. When calculating the quantities, it is particularly important to take into account the offcuts of the building materials.

The more precisely the quantities are measured, the more likely you are to avoid surpluses and thus reduce costs. For consumables such as screws or dowels, it is also advisable to adjust the packaging sizes or quantities to the calculated requirements. The OBI garden planner supports you in calculating the quantities.

Borrow Machines

So that you can implement the project without delays, the necessary machines and tools should be ready in time for each work step. If you don’t have a drill or vibratory plate in your workshop, you may be able to borrow them from relatives, friends, or neighbors.

If additional equipment is needed, it may make sense to rent it for the construction of the patio. You can calculate the cost-benefit ratio based on the purchase price, the duration of use, and other possible uses for future projects. If necessary, you can rent machines and tools from OBI.

Plan Delivery And Storage

Money, time, and effort are reduced if the construction environment of the new terrace is included in the planning early on. It is worthwhile, for example, to determine the locations for the delivery of the building materials as well as their storage and to signpost them accordingly for the suppliers. Sufficient space should still be available for processing the material.

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The easiest possible access to the construction site also saves time during delivery and removal. Because if heavy stones or chippings for the substructure first have to travel long distances to the site, this delays the overall process and also increases the cost of your patio, if specialists support the construction.

Assess Your Abilities

For the construction of the new terrace to succeed without additional costs, it is helpful if you realistically assess your craftsmanship. Before you start building, it is advisable to inform yourself in detail about all the work steps and the associated requirements. Then you can better plan for which sections the support of friends, family members, or professionals is necessary.

Errors or improperly performed work during the construction process can sometimes have serious consequences and result in high costs. Therefore, it does not pay to save on helpers and professionals.

Reuse Excavated Earth

Surplus building materials, such as the soil from the excavation of the patio area or leftover wood, can be temporarily stored and reused for other construction projects in the garden. In addition to your wooden terrace, you can use it to create paths, walls, or a pond at a later date. This saves the costs of removal, disposal, and renewed acquisition. It is also advisable to store small materials such as screws, as you will often need them for smaller jobs.

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