Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

To make your backyard spa the ultimate relaxation zone, you need some good hot tub privacy ideas. This way, you can enjoy your bubbles in peace without worrying about your neighbors or the rest of the yard.

Also, placing the hot tub in its area creates a defined “space” – a place exclusively for relaxation and separate from the daily hustle and bustle. Hot tub privacy ideas, such as chic privacy screens or soft plantings that unobtrusively block the view outside, also have stylistic appeal.

On this page, you will find backyard hot tub privacy ideas.

Why Privacy?

Hot tubs are a great luxury for a garden, they are like a private event. You’ll be wearing your bathing suit and may not want the neighbors to have a bird’s eye view of it!

Hot tubs are for relaxing, and you can’t relax if you are unsafe! So, adding a privacy screen to your hot tub installation will allow you to let more hair down and enjoy the moment. This is exactly why you should have a hot tub – it’s a great way to relax and enjoy the moment.

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas


Find The Best Angle

Get used to the beauty of angles. You may know the right position to take selfies, but have you ever thought about how important it is where you place your hot tub? Our experts suggest that you can place your hot tub almost anywhere in your outdoor space if you make sure it’s on a solid, level surface.

However, if you live in a residential area, consider whether unnecessary angles are possible. It can be difficult to find sheltered corners. Therefore, consult an expert before placing a hot tub. There are also useful buying guides to help you understand the placement of your hot tub before you buy it.

What Plants Are Appropriate For Around A Hot Tub?


Mature, leafy trees, plants, and shrubs tall enough to surround a hot tub are a great way to enhance its natural beauty and privacy. Bamboo groves, arborvitae, rhododendron, Pieris japonica, and laurel are ideal for creating a natural fence between the hot tub and the outside world. Not only does this enhance the backyard landscape, but it also creates a more intimate space where you can enjoy your hot tub in peace.

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Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas With Gazebos


Gazebos are another great option for hot tubs. Some gazebos are custom built, but in this case, make sure the designer or builder knows they will be used for hot tubs. They can be very heavy, especially when full, and the gazebo should be designed accordingly.

There are also “portable” gazebos that you can buy at home improvement stores or hardware stores and set up yourself. Make sure the gazebo is large enough for your hot tub, and look for one with a roof and sidewalls.

Backyard Hot Tub Reinforce Fences.

Good fences make good neighbors. And it can create a better backyard.

If you don’t have a privacy fence in your yard, or if your old fence is aging, consider replacing it with a proper privacy fence. There are several options.

  1. Brick, stucco, or stone fences can withstand extreme weather conditions and are easier to match to the surface of your home or yard.
  2. A vinyl fence provides the same privacy as a wood fence, but doesn’t need to be painted or stained and won’t rot. Do.
  3. Chain link fences are not usually considered privacy fences, but privacy slats (some look like leaves!) can be added to make them opaque and private.
  4. It is not necessary to cover the entire yard, just enough to block the view of the hot tub.

If you decide to add a fence, be sure to consult with your neighbors first. If you want to install it on your property line, you will need your neighbor’s permission. Neighbors may be willing to pay for the fence if it benefits them!

Build A Hedge For Your Backyard Hot Tub

A hedge is like a natural fence and a great way to protect your hot tub from view!

There are a variety of shrubs and bushes that can be used for hedges. If you buy a shrub that is already large enough, it will provide an effective privacy screen.

However, choose plants that do not lose too many leaves. If a lot of leaves fall into the water, the hedge that you have created will be destroyed.

Plant Trees For Your Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

If you want to create privacy in your yard instead of blocking the hot tub, trees are the best solution for you.

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A row of evergreen or cedar trees along the fence will fill in over time, creating an effective privacy screen for your yard while you enjoy the view!

Trees are also ideal for Christmas lights, bird feeders, and depending on the species, swings or tree houses. It may take a few years, but trees are always an asset to any garden.

Fences Give You Freedom

As with the gazebo at Cedar Lodge, covering your hot tub with wood panels that allow you to move out is an easy way to add privacy to your outdoor space. There are many ways to do this, but a single piece of fencing is an easy solution for beginners.

Wooden fences can be placed around hot tubs, but you may want to consider overhead protection. Wooden gazebos are ideal if you have a small space or a limited budget.

Hide Behind A Screen

Choosing a screen opens up the opportunity to be creative with the overall look of your garden. Retractable screens and decorative bamboo are not only practical but also imaginative materials.

Screens give you the freedom to use your private spa room. They can be removed at will, so if the British weather is unpredictable, you can pull out the screen and protect yourself from the elements.

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas With Stones And Plants


This is a perfect example of how to create a privacy screen with plants. Of course, this is not an instant privacy solution, but it is a great and effective way to bring nature into the privacy of your hot tub. By combining a simple frame and trellis with the right plants, you can achieve an inexpensive organic design.

This beautiful piece surrounds a hot tub with rocks and plants, with the stairs adding functionality. The rocks provide a modern yet natural look and the planting is well established to provide privacy.

Here is another example of a rock border with petunias providing color. For even more privacy, palm trees and privacy screens can be added to create an even more intimate atmosphere.

This is another great example of how plants can be used to create a private oasis – and without costing a fortune. Bamboo screens are cheaper than other screens and combine well with plants. It’s especially recommended if you want to create a real, natural feel.

Privacy Ideas For Hot Tub With Deck

This is a beautiful, simple, utilitarian design that can easily be incorporated into most backyards. The patio offers plenty of space and can be furnished and enlarged. It can be lit with fairy lights to make the space even more attractive.

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This is an inexpensive and simple idea for a hot tub patio that is ideal if you are on a budget and want to have a green space. This is a great way to incorporate a hot tub or spa into an existing or new patio. This design would also look great with a round hot tub.

This is a great example of a modern patio design that combines concrete with sophisticated plantings, ideal for a swim spa or square hot tub.

This corner space can easily be customized to your liking and can be topped off with a canopy. Incorporating fairy lights and curtain lights into this design creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

We love this design. The seamless patio and deck combined with the low-maintenance plantings look modern and uncluttered. There is a feeling of privacy and the lighting creates a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere.

Canopies, Lean-Tos, And Pergolas

So far, the main focus has been on providing privacy on the site. However, in many populated areas, some homes are multi-story. This means that residents on the upper floors can see into the backyard.

A pergola, canopy, or lean-to can provide protection from prying eyes and keep out rain and snow (depending on the design – also recommended if you use a hot tub!).

There are endless design options for roofs, pergolas, and lean-to roofs, so you can go wild with the design. There are even options with automated screens that you can open when you need light and close when you want more protection and privacy.

If you add a roof or slope to your hot tub, make sure it’s structurally sound, and keep in mind that most of these designs require a building permit.

The Conclusion

Installing an outdoor hot tub allows you to immerse yourself in a water wonderland without having to wait for the water to heat up. No matter what materials or methods you use, it is paramount that you make your hot tub your own space.

But if there are places you just can’t reach, luxurious robes are also a great option. For more backyard ideas, check out our blog posts for small backyard ideas. If you want to try a real pool and plunge pool instead of a hot tub in your small backyard you can read it in small backyard pool ideas or small backyard plunge pool ideas. You can also learn more about swimming pools and what is best for your backyard by reading about the different types of swimming pools.