Backyard Haunted House Ideas

It’s time to start planning what you want your home to look like for Halloween. And one of the most fun ways to get into the Halloween spirit is to create a haunted garden. There are plenty of creative Halloween decorations outdoors, so it’s a great way to add some seasonal fun to your yard.

A haunted house can be created in many different ways. If you have a yard in front of your house, you can use it as a place to welcome trick-or-treaters. If you have a large backyard, it can be used for an outdoor Halloween party if it is not too cold. Here is all about backyard haunted house ideas :

Backyard Haunted House Ideas


Skeleton Hand

One of the easiest ways to create a backyard haunted house idea is with this skeleton hand. They are simple to place on the ground. You can make your yard look like a cemetery and instantly make it look like the skeleton has come to life. These are unobtrusive and take up little space, so they can be placed in a small garden near the front door.

For those who want to enjoy Halloween even more, we recommend these decorations. Hearts, thumbs up, and peace signs add a playful touch. Your haunted yard turns out to be full of friendly, playful ghosts.

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Spider Silhouette

A great way to create an outdoor Halloween look is to use a silhouette. Thanks to the abstract nature of these silhouettes, you can bring any character into your haunted garden. In the photo above, the silhouette of a large spider makes the house look like a Halloween monster in trouble.

The same idea can also be used to represent witches, Frankenstein’s monsters, ghosts, and mummies. This is a great idea if you want to create a haunted house with a specific theme, such as “Monster Mash” or “Witch Coven”. Spooky silhouettes are easy to find and buy, or if you’re more artistic, you can make your own with plywood and black paint.


Planning an evening party? This broom tree is a great idea for lighting up the sidewalk. You can use it to light the path to your front door when you have a party at home. But it is also great for a ghost garden along an outdoor walkway. They can also be placed anywhere in the yard for a fun light accent.

It is perfect for a haunted garden because it looks like a witch’s broom. The orange lights and black broom create a special Halloween atmosphere.

Easy Diy Haunted

Outdoor Halloween items can be a bit pricey, so here’s an easy DIY solution if you’re on a budget. This homeowner’s homemade ghost is cute and deceptively simple. The implementation is quite simple but ingenious.

First, a small soccer ball and a basketball were placed on a plastic funnel. These funnels are then placed in a PVC pipe to create a haunted body. Then the PVC pipe is placed on top of the galvanized pipe and driven into the ground. The fabric is attached with snap fasteners. The result is a spooky dance perfect for a Halloween haunted house.

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Monster Haunted Garden

The next backyard haunted house idea is a monster haunted garden. Here is one of the creative decorations that came out of Grandin Road this year. The theme for the Haunted Mansion is “Monster Mash,” and these decorations are a perfect fit. These pieces can be placed on the floor to give the impression that the yard is overrun with tentacled monsters.

The great thing about this idea is that it is versatile. It can accent an old vegetable patch or any other garden where nothing grows in the fall. They can also be placed along a path or in the middle of a lawn.

These Headstones Will Rest Peacefully In Your Garden.

Take a cue from the cemetery scenes in the movies and beautify your outdoor space by adding a few headstones. If you can put up a lot of headstones, it will look like a “haunted house” where ghosts sing and immortals appear to scare you. If you have styrofoam and paint, you can make your haunted house headstones.

Place a Bluetooth speaker behind the tombstone and play the Haunted Mansion soundtrack. Then, like the ghosts in the ride’s ballroom scene, you and your partner can dance the night away.

Sit In Your Very Own “Doom Buggy” Egg Chair.

Every Disney fan knows the “Doom Buggy” is a black ride around the Haunted Mansion. It is similar to the black egg chairs you can purchase for your yard. Set up a laptop computer or projector and a screen and watch a virtual haunted house while sitting in a cozy chair.

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Keep An Eye On The Ghosts At Night With A String Of Lights.

When you first enter the cemetery in the “Horned Mansion” attraction, you will see a caretaker with a dog. He looks especially spooky with his lantern lights, similar to these mini lanterns. Just as the caretaker walks through the haunted house, you too can illuminate your garden with spooky fairy light.

Beware Of Hitchhiking Garden Ghosts.

Before you leave the ride, you will be joined by a hitchhiking ghost. These three characters are very popular and it would be a shame to banish them from the haunted house. They will always be there to greet you if you display them between the graves or near the back door.

This Horned Mansion Plate Is The Icing On The Cake.

This Horned Mansion plaque is similar to the plaque outside the ride gate. Hang it on the fence and everyone will know they have entered their very own haunted mansion.

How about the article about backyard haunted house ideas? hopes it helps you to get the ideas. Find more ideas on how to build a haunted house in your backyard here.