Backyard Birthday Party Ideas In Winter : 5 Tips For The Perfect Party

A perfect backyard birthday party ideas in winter. Do you have a birthday in winter and have always wanted to celebrate in the garden? Or do you want to spend New Year’s Eve outside? All this is possible, because a garden party can be fun even in cold temperatures! Here we show you in our guide how to have a successful backyard birthday party ideas in winter.

Here 5 tips backyard birthday party ideas in winter:


1. Party tent in winter as a canopy

A tent is one of the best party ideas in winter. Since the winter party will be held in the garden, the first important thing is a suitable canopy. And not only because it may rain or snow, but also keep the guests warm. However, the temperature alone is less of a problem, as the wind usually makes staying outside uncomfortable.

Those who have a gazebo can make wonderful use of it. In mild temperatures, a waterproof PVC party tent is also a good solution for a warm shelter. However, if you want to use a party tent in winter, it is essential to follow our important tips for setting up a party tent. Prepare your guests in advance to expect colder temperatures. Warm winter clothing including hats and scarves is a must!

2. It’s cold outside – but how can you heat the tent?

In low temperatures, warmth and light are essential so guests don’t get cold feet. But safety comes first! If you want to heat a party tent, you should definitely not do it with gas. Because tents and gas heating are not a good idea from a health point of view.

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In closed tents, radiant heaters for tents are suitable. These use infrared radiation to heat people and objects around them directly, rather than the air in the room. Another advantage: infrared light feels like sunlight and thus provides particularly pleasant warmth. In PVC tents, the radiant heaters thus provide safe and comfortable warmth.

But pay attention to which material the party tent is made of. You can only heat in a flame-retardant or fire-resistant PVC tent. A PE tent is not suitable in winter.

Here are a few tips to help you brave the cold temperatures at your garden party ideas in winter:

  • Announce in the garden party invitation that it will take place outdoors and remind guests to dress warmly accordingly.
  • Set out plenty of warm blankets for guests to wrap themselves in if necessary. This will help against the cold while adding a cozy atmosphere to the party.
  • To protect yourself from the cold on the ground, you can also insulate the ground a bit by placing sheets or a tarp with straw on top.
  • A campfire or Swedish fire can also provide warmth and a magical atmosphere. However, never light open fires indoors and make sure trees, shrubs and tarps are far enough away from them.

3. For a festive server party: the lighting

Because it gets dark early in winter, proper lighting is essential for a garden party ideas in winter. However, it is important that fireplaces are really only set up outside and not inside. Here we will show you what options you have for romantic light sources for your party:

Rustic and cozy: the Swedish fireplace

A Swedish fire evokes the romance of a campfire and can be the centerpiece of an outdoor party ideas in winter. It burns for several hours and can even be made with a little skill. However, do not underestimate the heat and always keep at least two meters away from highly flammable objects, trees or bushes.

Festive and nostalgic: torches

Especially in winter, you can achieve a magical flair with burning torches placed around the garden. You can also set up beautiful fire bowls. Again, stay at a safe distance from anything flammable.

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Fairytale atmosphere: fairy lights

If you want to decorate the marquee or gazebo, you can use romantic fairy lights. Colorful or monochromatic – the chains can be attached to the poles of the canopy like garlands and immediately increase the server party!

Beautiful light accents: candles and lanterns

To envelop individual tables in a warm glow of light, selectively used light accents are excellent. Paper lanterns add a little extra sparkle.

4. Warming up at the garden party ideas in winter : food and drink

Good food and good drink is what makes the winter garden party what it is. Of course, the food at the party should always match the temperature a bit. A cool salad might be fine at a summer party, but it doesn’t belong here. So here are a few tips from us on what food goes well at the winter garden party.

Winter food

At a winter party, the food should go above and beyond: Hot! With the help of electric hot plates or radiant heaters, you can make sure the meal doesn’t have to be consumed cold. A fiery party goulash or hot soups are suitable food for parties in winter. If you don’t like serving food, you can simply provide a buffet of hot appetizers. And of course, if you’re already eagerly awaiting summer, you can try winter barbecue.

Want to have a mulled wine party? – Hot drinks bring warmth from within

Delicious hot drinks are the centerpiece of any winter party. Classics such as mulled wine, Feuerzangenbowle and fruit punch are always popular. We have a few more special suggestions for drinks at your garden party ideas in winter:

The optimal temperature for mulled wine

The hotter the better? Not with mulled wine! Since alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, if the temperature is too high, both the alcohol and the fruit aroma are lost. So for a nice mulled wine, the temperature should be around 72 – 75 degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget about non-alcoholic beverages

Not everyone can or wants to drink high-proof alcohol. Therefore, you should always have plenty of non-alcoholic punch and tea on hand. Especially delicious and wintry: hot apple juice with cinnamon!

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Sweet hot drink

A nice cup of cocoa is likely to be appreciated by guests of all ages. It tastes even better if you put little marshmallows on top!

Label the jugs

Drinks stay hot longer in thermos flasks. Just be sure to label the jugs because you can’t see the contents from the outside.

5. garden party ideas in winter: Decoration and theme party ideas

What unsociable weather exudes can be made up for with beautiful decorations. So for the right atmosphere at your party ideas in winter, you should definitely not do without decorations. To make sure the decorations are coherent, you can also organize a themed party. We have a few ideas for your garden party ideas in winter:

Christmas Party

In December, people are already looking forward to Christmas, and the garden party can capitalize on this mood. With mistletoe, pine cones and Christmas balls, you will instantly put a smile on the face of your guests. Of course, Christmas music should not be missing here! Good humor is guaranteed and classics like “Last Christmas” everyone can sing along.

After-ski fun with hut party decorations

Whether it’s snowing outside or not – with the right decorations, the after-ski feeling can come to your garden! Set up a wooden sled and decorate the tables and benches with pine branches and lambskin blankets. For that, you and your guests can pull their ski and snowboard suits out of the basement – preferably older models from the 1980s and 1990s, which are especially cheerful these days with their flashy patterns and colors. For dinner there will be a cheese fondue and the best after-ski hits will get you in the mood!

Tip: When choosing music for your theme party, never forget to orient yourself to the guests and not just your own music taste.

So if the thermometer drops, that’s no reason not to have an backyard party. With the right preparation, such as a canopy, warm drinks and festive lighting, your winter backyard birthday party ideas for adults is sure to be a hit! Find more articles similar to backyard birthday party ideas in winter in this blog. Also read the best party entertainment ideas for every audience.