35 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard

Do you want to build a swimming pool in your backyard? you should consider building an above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard. Since their debut, above-ground pools have been a popular alternative to in-ground home swimming pools. They are less expensive, and they are easier to install, disassemble, and relocate. The deck, on the other hand, is a space around your pool where you can rest, read, watch your kids play, and soak up some rays.

Fortunately, you can build a backyard swimming pool with a little ingenuity and DIY abilities. Here are 35 best above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard that will provide you with adequate space to enjoy your swimming hole.

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35 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard :

01. Above Ground Pool Privacy Screen


As interior designer Erica Van Slyke does, complement your above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard deck with a matching privacy fence. To offer a smooth, appealing backdrop for your swimming hole, stain your deck and enclosure with the same finish. Manicured boxwood in modern pots is the ideal finishing touch for softening the wooden fence and adding a splash of natural color.

02. Luxurious Curved Deck Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard


This above ground pool demonstrates that you may have the look of a standard pool without the labor and money. The curved tile patio gives you a lot of room to relax, and the potted plants and dolphin statue make you think of your favorite vacation spot.

03. Enhancing An Above Ground Pool


Do you enjoy relaxing in your above ground pool on hot summer days but dislike the way it appears in your yard? You’re not on your own. While above ground pools have some advantages (lower costs, easier upkeep), they do not have the same visual appeal as in-ground pools. This, however, does not rule out the possibility!

We have eye-catching above ground pool designs for any size budget or backyard, whether you want to change the look of your current pool or are just looking for ideas before you buy.

The homeowners chose a colorful container garden and artfully placed plants to connect their above ground pool to their wooden deck.

To liven up the huge terrace, six terra-cotta containers are filled with vibrant orange, lilac, and yellow blooms.

A big flowering bush covers the shallow end of the pool with a blanket of beautiful white blooms, making it look like the pool isn’t finished.

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04. Above Ground Pool Scrap Wood Deck


This pool is intended for children, but if the weather warms up, it will be enjoyed by everybody. Waste wood was used to build the modest deck that gives easy access in and out of the pool.

05. Think About Seating And Safety


This multi-tiered deck, complete with a built-in bench and resting ledge, allows parents to relax while their children play in the pool. Large plants, a gated entrance, and a lattice wall at the far end of the deck give parents peace of mind by keeping kids from accidentally falling into the pool.

06. Enclosed Above-Ground Pool


The pool area at San Antonio Above Ground Pool & Spa Company is built on a platform with a surrounding deck and fence to create a private paradise. Swimmers and sunbathers can spend hours relaxing in this backyard hideaway, with plenty of space to recline in and out of the pool as they want. The high walls provide a little extra privacy, which is preferred by most residential pool owners. And the oval, sunken above ground pool appears to be permanent.

07. Relax Under A Poolside Pergola


Make the most of your deck space by installing an eye-catching poolside pergola. With a head-turning geometric ceiling and a well-appointed lounge space complete with a pillow-clad love seat, a printed area rug, and two woven armchairs, this custom pergola elevates the bar. Install a pergola like this one on your above ground pool deck, complete with outdoor lounge chairs or an alfresco dining table for snacks and sips in between afternoon dives. This pool is depicted in greater detail in the following slide.

08. In Bloom: Wildflowers Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard


When you have a large deck with an outdoor eating area immediately off the above ground pool, the 30-minute “No Swimming After You Eat” rule does not have to apply. To blend in with its surroundings, the big pool is surrounded by wildflowers.

09. Enjoy Scenes With Barely-There Balusters


Traditional wooden deck balusters are lovely, but a large railing might detract from otherwise great pool views. Replace the heavy wood features on your above ground pool deck with contemporary alternatives to experience the beauty beyond the balusters. This summer, black or charcoal balusters will appear to merge into the landscape, letting you take in the panoramic views ahead while splashing around.

10. Surrounding A Multi Level Deck Above Ground Pool


How can a flagstone patio work with a new above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard? While flagstone pavers are attractive and durable, walking on them with bare feet is unpleasant. A multilevel deck that doubles as a surround for the pool, giving it the illusion of an in-ground model, was devised by these deck builders to smooth the transition from flagstones to pool. Wooden decking is less slippery and softer on swimmers’ bare feet than flagstones. As low, wide steps going up to the pool deck, the deck levels can also be used for casual seating or drying off after swimming.

11. Improve Your Umbrella


With an eye-catching umbrella like this tassel-trimmed beauty, you can escape the sun in style. Blogger Marissa Bushee installs an elegant white umbrella between the wooden deck stairs and the pool to provide shade for guests who are swimming and lounging on the platform. Your above ground pool deck can look just as pretty and useful with an umbrella with fringe, scalloped edges, or classic cabana stripes.

12. Seating Is Quite Restricted


Climbing into an above ground pool is no longer an option. Pool advancements now allow you to construct the style of deck you desire to maximize your backyard space. A pleasant bench can be found on this small deck that leads up to the pool.

13. Make Your Own Privacy Screen


With just a few coats of paint, you can zhuzh up a pool privacy screen or fence. H2O Tank Avenue’s vibrant, cactus-clad mural wall makes you wonder if the refreshing pool is real or a desert fantasy. Use geography to provide an appealing backdrop for an above ground pool, or put your own spin on the idea. Summer quotes, playful patterns, and geometric motifs are all great ways to dress up your above ground pool deck.

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14. Easy Above Ground Pool Deck Designs


A custom pool deck does not necessitate any specialized knowledge. A deck and a privacy wall made of 2x4s or wood pallets are possible. This stock tank pool is flush against the wood resting area, making it ideal for reading or sunbathing.

15. Design the Perimeter


To give their above ground pool a tropical feel, the homeowners encircled it with gorgeous grass. The cinderblock stairs lead to a wood deck shaded by a wide cantilever umbrella, making it a pleasant place to spend hot days.

16. Above Ground Pool Design That Is Modular


A modular pool is an excellent choice if you have adequate space for a lap pool. It costs less and is more modern than many above ground pools. Tangle Pools’ 20-foot pool has a deck that runs the full length of the pool, allowing customers plenty of space for lounge chairs and other outdoor equipment.

17. Use Tiles To Add Texture


Living Garden Landscape Design recommends wrapping the sides of your above ground pool deck in a bespoke tile theme. The caramel wood platform and stair steps contrast beautifully with the ivory zigzag tiling on this modern deck. Use the same inventive strategy in your backyard by incorporating accent tiles in a color other than your deck stain. Of course, if you plant a succulent border garden like this one around your deck, you’ll get bonus points.

18. Above Ground Pool Deck That Is Weatherproof


This weatherproof deck is ideal for drying yourself after swimming or simply relaxing and dipping your toes in the water. After a day of swimming, a neighboring sitting area is ideal for watching the kids play in the pool or resting with a drink of wine.

19. Try Thinking Outside The Box


You desire a swimming pool at home but are put off by the cost. Is there a less expensive option? If you are an architect or designer like Stefan Beese, there is a solution.He turned a garbage can into a lovely aquatic feature that the whole family can enjoy. Decking on all four sides conceals the pool’s previous life and surrounds the surface.

20. Make It Expensive


Since their conception, above ground pools have come a long way. The above ground pool at House of Harvee is surrounded by stunning tiles that complement the white walls and bamboo accent wall. For safety without sacrificing style, a half-glass wall separates the pool from the deck, and a couch bed next to the pool is a great place to sunbathe after a swim.

21. Make A Brick By Brick Border Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard


A seamless effect can be achieved by encasing an above ground pool or spa in brick or stone that matches your existing patio or home façade. This above ground pool has a weathered brick border and is finished with huge slate slabs that mirror the finishes used in the neighboring outdoor living room.

22. Deck And Fence Coordination


Even a small backyard can be turned into a tranquil refuge. This condominium’s garden was promptly updated with a modest round pool tiled in Cuban Blend Ceramics. The little deck that leads up to the pool complements the fence for a clean, modern appearance.

23. Wrap The Water In Concrete

Wrap The Water In Concrete

If stacking stones and putting bricks appears to be too difficult (and the resulting slid discs), skip the heavy lifting.For a similar, high-end look with a fraction of the body aches, build a custom concrete enclosure for your above ground pool. Use this modern above ground plunge pool as a model to design a sleek, step-style area around your pool where you can relax at the end of the day by putting your toes in the water.

24. Deck Exudes Sophistication

Deck Exudes Sophistication

This stunning deck wraps around an above ground pool and appears to be an extension of the house rather than a distinct recreational area. There are several comfy seats and areas of shade to relax in.

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25. Utilize every available Corner

Utilize every available Corner

A deck is jammed into the corner of this yard between the exterior walls and the wood-clad pool. A triangular shade sail keeps the deck cool, and a sparkling fountain adds elegance and sparkle.

26. Pool Plunge Deck


This lovely plunge pool is surrounded by a spacious terrace that links to the home. The deck is sleek and modern, and it complements the house well. The patio is large enough to accommodate a significant number of people.

27. Accept The Environment Day Backyard Swimming Pool Above Groud

Accept The Environment Day Backyard Swimming Pool Above Groud

Designer Margie Grace substitutes a cedar-wrapped above ground pool on a bed of texture-rich pea gravel for typical wood decking. A hand-laid stone retaining wall and a sun patio complement the rustic-style basin. Wrap the outside of your above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard in weather-resistant teak or cedar wood and build a DIY stone platform and retaining wall to achieve the same rustic feel.

28. Stairs And Railings Were Installed On Day

Stairs And Railings Were Installed On Day

There was already a deck linked to the above ground pool here. There’s just enough space to get in and out of the pool, as well as set up a couple of lounge chairs and a table. Stairs and railings were recently built to make the area more practical.

29. Use Double Stairs To Create Symmetry


Why build one set of deck steps when two sets can be installed? To recreate this calm setting in your own backyard, build an L-shaped pool deck with twin staircases leading to the sun platform on each side.

30. Keep Your Environment Low Maintenance

Keep Your Environment Low Maintenance

This stone-clad pool and spa, which is above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard more permanent than an in-ground pool, is a beautiful retreat at the top of a sloped yard. You can spend more time relaxing by the pool if you use rocks, stones, and drought-resistant plants to make your landscaping low-maintenance.

31. It’s Time To Celebrate Swimming Pool Above Groud

It's Time To Celebrate Swimming Pool Above Groud

There’s enough seating and shade for a large audience here, and it’s all centered on this unique storage container pool. The pool is surrounded by rocks, and lights hang above it.

32. Keep It Secure Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard

Keep It Secure Backyard Swimming Pool Above Ground

With a splash of black mosaic tiling and eye-catching uplighting, a concrete above ground pool may be given a sleek, modern makeover. A glass safety fence in front of the staircase prevents children from coming too close to the pool while keeping the design simple and elegant.

33. Maintain A Streamlined Silhouette

Maintain A Streamlined Silhouette

Bri Moysa’s simple above ground pool deck demonstrates that less is more. The smoky-black stock pool is set within a custom-built wooden staircase leading to an L-shaped platform. The semi-circle silhouette saves space and is simple to fit into even the most confined outdoor spaces. To mimic Moysa’s idea, build a DIY deck around your above ground pool and surround it with potted plants. String lights flashing overhead will complete your outdoor décor.

34. Select Privacy Screens That Also Function As Art

Select Privacy Screens That Also Function As Art

While constructing your outdoor refuge, work smarter, not harder. Graphic laser-cut privacy screens also serve as outdoor artwork, creating a beautiful backdrop for this corner plunge pool. To make a comparable impact in your garden, replace the typical wood deck railing with a pair of laser-cut metal panels in unique, contemporary patterns.

35. Summer Entertainment With A Swim-Up Bar


You may save money on airfare and overnight stays in Hawaii by bringing the resort celebrations to your own backyard with a pool tiki bar. To enjoy a few drinks while swimming, place an umbrella and a bar table against the outside of your above ground pool. Add a set of all-weather chairs to your swim-up bar for snacking throughout the day.

I hope you found the post on top 35 best above ground swimming pool ideas for backyard informative. Before constructing a swimming pool, educate yourself on the different types of swimming pools available. You can also study small backyard pool ideas if you wish to install a swimming pool in a small backyard.