Instagramable backyard ideas

32 Backyard Ideas That Will Make You Feel Comfortable All Day Long

Backyard ideas – Who doesn’t want to have a small, personal outdoor space with shades of green in their home? Iam is sure that everyone wants it, including you, right? Because of this, the trend of the backyard is getting more and more attention.

The backyard of the house can be an oasis in itself in a residence full of privacy, no matter what the size. Relaxing events will also be more relaxed, especially if they are designed with a beautiful and homey feel, you don’t want to leave your backyard. Well, here, I have thirty-two backyard ideas that make you feel at home and that you can apply, even in small homes. Come on, just check it together!

Bohemian modern house backyard

Bohemian backyard


With a little pattern and color approach, the backyard can appear more relaxed in a Bohemian style. Choose space-saving furniture in a relaxed style from natural materials. Then, add lively decorations, such as cushions or sofa cushions patterned in cheerful colors that can liven up the atmosphere of the yard. The modern impression of the backyard will also be maintained with a neatly arranged platform and stone treads.

Practical minimalist elegant backyard

practical backyard ideas


The backyard of a homey minimalist house can still look luxurious and elegant, following the overall style of the house. You can use natural stone walls and custom furniture made of sturdy wood. Green decorations can come in more practical forms, such as in large pots or strategically placed planters. Finally, beautify the backyard with the installation of plant lights that give the impression of luxury.

Instagramable backyard with modern feel

Instagramable backyard ideas


Looks instagramable, one of the backyard ideas of this minimalist house is not difficult to present. The arrangement starts with a neat wooden platform, modern accent walls, and the presence of furniture that matches the current model. You can arrange the green landscape according to your taste. Not to forget, there is also a trodden path among the grass that sweetens the aesthetics of this backyard.

Backyard ideas with white accent

white accent backyard ideas


The backyard of this one house is very suitable to be presented in a small residence that wants to appear practical. The beautiful atmosphere is present through the arrangement of shady pots and low plants. The focus of this backyard ideas is on white furniture that looks stylish.

If you want more color, you can also bring some flowering plants or leaves that produce other colors such as red shoots. So, to make the backyard look simpler, you can use brightly colored ceramic floors. The result? Very simple, but still aesthetic!

Luxury holiday tropical house backyard

Luxury tropical backyard ideas


Want to feel the holidays every day at home? Just take a look at this tropical-style backyard ideas! Platforms from solid materials are present to accompany wooden partitions and beautiful multifunctional furniture. The beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the backyard is not too crowded, but effective thanks to the symmetrical arrangement with a unique pot model. So, don’t forget to pay extra attention to the green accents and the right decor!

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Backyard ideas with vertical garden

Backyard with vertical garden


The lack of space should not be used as an excuse for not being able to present a comfortable backyard. Just take advantage of vertical space such as the walls of the house to make a vertical garden that looks beautiful and beautiful. After that, you just need to add a recliner to relax.

Well, thanks to the efficient arrangement and space-saving in the backyard of this house, you can use one side to place the barbecue. It’s more fun and memorable, to gather with family in the backyard of this multifunctional house!

Backyard ideas with classic and modern house


With a more elegant style, this backyard looks superior to the large outdoor area. The backyard ideas of this house combines natural accents and modern furniture so that it looks charming. To add a homey atmosphere, sprinkle rocks around the path and add hanging plants that hang beautifully.

Cheerful accents in the backyard

Cheerful accents in the backyard


Want to have a backyard that looks different? It’s time to give a unique decoration touch! Combine various decorative elements, such as carpets, natural-made stools, cheerful modern-style lounge chairs, and vintage-style long chairs.

If necessary, also add a variety of colorful ornamental plants, such as adenium bonsai or bougainvillea flowers. The result? The backyard looks anti-mainstream and has its artistic characteristics!

Traditional style backyard ideas

Traditional style backyard ideas


For a charming backyard, you can bring a mix of various styles that you like, like the idea above. This inspiration succeeded in setting a traditional impression with a low chair made of wood and oriental-style art ornaments. A modern ash color choice surrounds a small backyard paradise and creates a super homey relaxing area.

Colorful decoration using bean bags

bean bag for backyard ideas


Bean bags are an alternative in providing colorful nuances that can make the garden behind the house look bright and cheerful. Apart from being small in size, the bean bag also has a flexible material, making it suitable for sitting and relaxing while enjoying the breeze in the garden behind the house.

Create illusions with artificial grass

backyard ideas with artificial grass


Just add artificial green grass decorations to create the optical illusion of a wider garden area. Voila! The remaining land behind the house also looks beautiful.

Turn it into a children’s playground

children's playground backyard ideas


Tiny housing is not an excuse for your little one to lack playing space. The key is to form a colorful minimalist backyard, combined with portable slides and swings, so that it can be used as a gathering area with family, and relatives, to a fun play area for children.

Aesthetic hanging ornamental plants

hanging plant backyard ideas


Hanging ornamental plants can also be an option to save land use on the floor. In addition to helping in saving land area, this hanging plant provides added aesthetic value with a combination of dangling ropes and cement pots.

Rustic feel with bamboo swing



Not only plants, you can use swing decorations made of bamboo to give a rustic impression but still have a minimalist size that makes it easier to place in a narrow area. In addition, this swing can provide comfort for anyone who sits on it while relaxing and breathing fresh air in the garden behind your house!

The combination of nature with coral and fish pond



In addition, you can also beautify your backyard by adding a natural blend of water and coral elements. The two compositions can give the impression that is not monotonous and cool to the dwelling. Apart from the appearance, you can also feel relaxed enjoying the sound of splashing water which seems to blend with nature.

A masculine concept with cement



If you don’t like the concept of nature that seems crowded, a park with a masculine concept can also be an option. The key is that you simply add some installations of planting lights and ornamental plants such as hanging plant pots to beautify every corner of the garden so it doesn’t seem monotonous.

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Simple backyard design with wood elements



The presence of wood elements gives a simple impression but can create a warm and comfortable feel without the need for excessive decorations. You do this by adding classic-style furniture such as tables and chairs with sturdy wood. In addition, you can also add cushion decorations or pillows with neutral colors to add to the shady and comfortable atmosphere.

Look rustic with a folding chair made of rattan



Having a narrow land is often an obstacle to buying some of the furniture we want. However, you can also use an alternative to a minimalist folding rattan chair as a solution for a small and elongated back garden. So you can freely sit or lean back while enjoying the garden behind your house, or fold it back when it’s not needed.

Traditional feel with tall plants



Giving a touch of tall plants to every corner of the wall makes your backyard look more elegant and charming. For the arrangement itself, you can combine a modern minimalist style with wooden ornaments and low plants to highlight the classic oriental blend.

Mini zen garden design



Your backyard is not too large? No problem, a Mini zen garden is suitable to be applied to a small backyard garden design. The Zen garden does not require a large space. You can put various components such as stones, sand, lanterns, and various Japanese plants.

Zen garden itself is a garden concept originating from Japan but has been widely adopted and applied in Indonesia. This garden can provide a cool atmosphere, even in Japan, the zen garden is said to have a function as a stress reliever.

If you are interested in applying this concept at home, check out this simple Zen Garden concept guide that is easy to apply.

Traditional minimalist backyard design



Traditional designs are usually closely related to cultural values, as in the picture above. The simple and traditional backyard design was created by the presence of wooden chairs, Balinese-style statues, and some typical Indonesian plants, namely banana and coconut trees.

Mediterranean backyard design



We often encounter this simple backyard concept in Indonesian homes. Building a Mediterranean garden is not complicated.

The main characteristic of this park is the grass of St. Augustine it can also be called buffalo grass and various rocks. In addition, you can put tropical plants such as agave, yucca Nolina and bonsai plants.

In the Mediterranean garden, you can also add various ornaments such as lanterns, chairs, and statues. To add to the atmosphere of life, you can make a fish pond. Although simple, this garden can create a beautiful and neat minimalist backyard.

Luxury backyard design ideas



The atmosphere of the backyard of a luxurious house is not impossible to create. To bring the impression of luxury, you can combine marble floors and various classic interiors, and additional yellow lights. Like the picture above, distinguishing between indoor and outdoor areas will make your yard feel wider.

But still, going back to the eco-friendly concept, it would be better if you also add a variety of plants, flowers, and grass in the yard area. Besides looking luxurious, your backyard will also look cool and beautiful.

Modern minimalist backyard design



As the name suggests, a minimalist backyard design doesn’t need a lot of ornaments. You just need to provide an angled chair and additional pillows and a few small trees. That way, the backyard will look elegant and minimalist.

Backyard design with gazebo



This simple backyard design is quite useful. Why? Besides being a place to relax, the gazebo in the backyard can also be used to receive guests. If you want a fresher chat atmosphere, the placement of the gazebo in the backyard is suitable for gathering with friends.

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No need for too many decorations, just place a table and sofa that can accommodate your guests. Add garden lamp ornaments and various plants if needed.

Terracing as a stylish alternative for the backyard



The inspiration is from rice fields in Bali which use a similar system. If in Bali, why not apply it to your backyard. The condition is that the ground level of your house must be higher than the street. At each level, you can fill with different types of plants with different colors and shapes. Of course, your backyard will be very beautiful.

In addition, you can put garden lights in the middle of the edge, in addition to lighting, of course, this can add to the beautiful decoration of your backyard. And you can also add a park bench in the corner of the yard to enjoy the beauty of your yard.

Unique and interesting backyard with mini cactus



The next concept is with a pot filled with cacti. For those of you who like cactus plants, of course, this is very suitable for this one concept. This cactus will be combined with the monochrome color of the pots that will be the container.

It is recommended to use white combined with other furniture that has a firm line. It will be a very beautiful design for your backyard. One more suggestion, use a pot that is not too big so it will fit perfectly with the mini cactus being planted.

Minimalist backyard with tiled grass



In the past, the plants with tiled backyard were a little different, because the grass was the one that determined the decoration. It’s not just ordinary grass, but a patch of grass that certainly looks beautiful.

But to make it even more beautiful, you can be creative by using ceramics as the grass plots. In addition, you can place bushes in several corners. Looks fresh, beautiful, and refreshing right?

Backyard as a place of relaxation after work



Previously, various concepts seemed to only place a bench or seat as a sweetener, this time the seat is the main star. The seat will be located in the middle of your yard with a sweetener in the form of a row of bushes around it.

In addition, you can also make the yard wall a vertical garden. It will relax you when you are tired after work or traveling.

Spacious Minimalist backyard



Another concept that can be applied is to leave your backyard spacious without any decorations. Just a path in the middle of the yard does not mean running out of ideas.

With the spaciousness of your backyard, you can freely express yourself by doing other things, such as playing freely without trees that can interfere with the child’s freedom to play. They can play football, play bicycles, build tents, they can play chase.

Backyard design is equipped with a fish pond



Fish ponds can be one of the decorations that certainly beautify your backyard, especially for the backyard. Like the aquarium in the house, the presence of a fish pond in the yard can mean a lot more to the owner of the house and the guests who are visiting.

Extended narrow backyard design ideas



Only having a narrow yard is not a problem, you can make minimalist decorations such as small pots, and minimalist grass that can be passed with mini stepping stones.

If it is sufficient, even if there is only a little space, put a minimalist bench for you to sit back and enjoy your minimalist backyard ideas. Even though it is very small and elongated, it can still be made as attractive as possible.

Those were some ideas that you can use as inspiration to make your backyard more beautiful for a gathering place or family play. Make your backyard one of the most important elements of your home by designing it well. Also find small backyard ideas here.