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Amazing Top of company suppliers, agents, importers, exporters and import shops in Jakarta (Part 1)


General importer

A general importer is a company that specializes in importing products from overseas. Companies included in general importers are often trading companies.

Limited import sources

A restricted importer, or commonly referred to as an IT, is a company or legal entity authorized by a competent authority to carry out import activities for certain types of imported goods. There are also different types of goods that can only be imported by IT or restricted importers. 

Goods that can be imported by an importer limited company, examination of Indonesia's permits and trade regulations by the Minister of Commerce. These regulations and permits include restrictions on what goods can be imported and how domestic trade processes can be controlled.

Restricted imports allow businesses to compete in a healthy way. In this way, neither party is disadvantaged by the import activity.

Firms permitted to make limited imports are those holding permits with licenses in the form of API T or Limited Importer Identification Number, and these licenses are issued by the Investment Coordinating Board or BKPM. increase. 

Exclusive import agent

The third type of importers are only proxy importers, foreign companies wishing to trade in Indonesia. This her third type of importers are representative offices in Indonesia, and these representatives are tasked with acting as special agents to import into the domestic market the products made by these agents. increase.

Import store

As already explained, the importation of specialty goods requires a separate permit. Eligible parties to import these specific commodities are importers who already hold a permit in the form of an import authorization ID card or an official government license in the form of her TAPPI. In addition, goods not included in the government's official list of permits are prohibited from entering Indonesia. *Authorized Dealer

The fifth importer is a certified trading company. Certain goods or products may only be imported by companies designated or privileged by the government. Companies with these privileges are called Authorized Dealers. Products imported by authorized dealers are, in principle, used for specific purposes.

Top Company supplier And Import

Here the top of company supplier and import goods


The following address is for Office Kemayoran Tower Lt. 16 B-1 Jl. Trembesi Bandar Baru Jakarta, North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers of filter components, suction filters, filters, industrial equipment, industrial valves, and valve fittings


Address Office:Tower Fontana Lt 16-B1 Jl. Trembesi Block D-4 Bandar Baru Kemayoran North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Separator filters, hydraulic filters, element filters, water filters, strainer filters, and stores selling them are all available.

CV. Wijaya

Address: 10430, Central Jakarta, Jl. Salemba Raya, Old Kenari Market Block AL.01 Aks 169, Jakarta, Indonesia

Stores, Distributors, and Suppliers
Gunpowder, Copper Grounding As, Gunrester, Terminal Head, Grounding Clamp, Grounding Cement

PT. Foxa Asa Energy

Address: Kembangan, West Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia, Permata Regency D/37

Stores, Distributors, and Suppliers
Gas regulators, industrial gas cylinders, acetylene, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and helium

CV Gem Monument

Address Mega Glodok Kemayoran Building (MGK) GF Floor Block C5.No.03 Jakpus, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia Tel: (021) 29070470 Fax: (021) 29070470

Suppliers, Distributors, Retailers of Project Helmets, Ap Boots, Ando Boots, and Cleaning Equipment

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