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Want to look younger? Try 12 easy tricks!


Want to stay young and have healthy skin? Relax. Here are 12 easy tips for teens to follow. 

 Many people  want to look younger. Staying young is actually very easy and can be done at home on a daily basis. Switch your diet to a healthier diet and develop proper skin care routines for your skin type. 

What are some simple, effective and timeless tips? Check them out below.

  • Watch what you eat 
The number one way  to stay young is to watch what you eat.   Eat healthy. Meet the balanced nutritional needs of each meal. 

minimize eating fast food and junk food. Also, avoid foods with saturated fats such as fried foods, offal, and red meat. 

 Instead, increase your intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to properly meet your vitamin, mineral, and fiber needs. 

  • Omega-3 intake 
The next natural, youthful and beautiful recipe is to eat foods rich in omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids are not only good for your skin, they also play an important role in maintaining  heart health. Omega-3s are found in salmon, walnuts, seeds, and many nutritional supplements on the market. Regular consumption of foods rich in omega-3s can help keep you  young.  
  • Avoid stress 
Staying sane keeps you young. Avoid undue stress. It's best not to feel sad or frustrated when faced with a problem. 

Stress can accelerate the aging process and increase your risk of heart disease. 

 If you are frequently stressed, try relaxation therapy. You can also do yoga regularly and go for walks with family and friends. 
  • Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol 
ne way to maintain a youthful look is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quitting bad habits that negatively impact your health. For example, smoking habits and alcohol consumption. 

Tobacco contains various toxins that are very harmful to your health. On the other hand, alcohol has the effect of relieving skin symptoms. So avoid both. 

  • Exercise regularly 
Exercise is an important part of  a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly on a regular basis helps to tone the muscles of your body and make you look younger. 

Exercise  also reduces the risk of various diseases such as bone loss and heart disease. Exercise regularly at least three times a week. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. 

  • Protect your skin every day 
The body needs sunlight to  convert provitamin D to vitamin D, which helps maintain endurance. 
However, you should be careful about the timing and duration of sunbathing. 

Sunbathing for 5 to 15 minutes from around 9:00 am is highly recommended. If travel is unavoidable, use sunscreen to protect your skin  from excessive sun exposure that accelerates aging. 

  • Use sunglasses 
Wearing sunglasses can  reduce glare and protect your eyes from excessive sun exposure. In addition, using glasses can slow down the aging process. 

When I leave my room, I often frown because of  the glare of the sun. Permanent facial wrinkles can form if this expression continues. This will give your face an aged look.

  • Wash your face regularly 
Never underestimate our tips for staying young. You should really pay attention to the cleanliness of your face.
Avoid jerky movements and excessive pressure when washing your face. 
The rubbing action can irritate the skin. The longer it lasts, the faster the aging of the facial skin. 

  • Use a face moisturizer 
If your face is dry, you will quickly get wrinkles and wrinkles on your face. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the hydration of the face. The trick is to use your moisturizer regularly.  Use a  moisturizer that suits your skin. Talk to  your doctor first to get the right moisturizer. 

  • Choose the right facial care products
When choosing a face care product, you should have specific goals such as: B. I want to cure whitening, moisturizing, acne, etc. 

Unfortunately, the facial care products you use aren't always right for you, and results vary from person to person. If you burn or burn your face while using facial care products, stop using them immediately. 

This is a sign that the surface of the skin is inflamed. If left untreated, this condition can cause the skin on your face to look prematurely aged. 
  • Get enough sleep
Adequate sleep is very important for physical and mental health. Sleep is also very beneficial for skin health and is one of the keys to staying young. 

 Getting enough sleep can be very effective in preventing depression and inflammation, as well as improving focus.  

  • Drink enough water 
Drinking enough water is very effective in boosting your energy and your body's metabolism. The skin also needs water to retain moisture and prevent aging. Practice the anti-aging tips above to prevent your face from looking prematurely aged. Of course, the results will  not appear immediately. 

So do it regularly on a regular basis.   Want to know health tips and other teenage tricks of his?Download the KlikDokter application. Use the "Ask a Doctor" feature to talk directly to a dermatologist.

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