The Best Party Entertainment Ideas For Every Audience: 16 Easy Ideas

An often underestimated but significant factor when throwing a party is the entertainment program or called party entertainment. This means less a casual conversation, a la “small talk,” but much more a good framework program or ideas and actions that entertain party guests and keep them happy and amused.

Every party has an entertainment component in some way because the mere presence of a DJ or the performance of party games is pure party entertainment.

Note: Always provide a varied party program suitable for the occasion, and do not rely on the fact that guests can already occupy themselves. Some small highlights have already turned a good party into a great one.

Whether and to what extent you should plan a unique entertainment for the party depends mainly on the budget and the audience or the occasion and type of theme party. Those who plan real shows and bands usually have to dig deep into their pockets. For small private parties, these are rather unsuitable. But there are cheaper ideas to put party entertainment on the legs.

Our guide has compiled a rich collection of ideas and tips for suitable party entertainment for every type of party. Let us inspire you and find out what suits you best.

The best party entertainment ideas for every audience


Comedian. If you are faced with the challenge of working out an entertainment program for your party, then first direct your thoughts to the occasion in question. A wedding party requires a different entertainment program than graduation or ghost parties.

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And a family party has more demand on the entertainment program than a Christmas party with boisterous colleagues. Also, party entertainment for adults is entirely different than for children.

Idea 1: Funny waiter

Hiring a fun waiter can kill two birds with one stone. You have a waiter who can serve the guests in the evening; on the other hand, you even have a funny show that makes them laugh.

Idea 2: Hire a magician

A magician is an artist who can perform his magic show in a quiet minute of the celebration and has quite amazing tricks in store if you rent a good one. Ideally, place this entertainment event after the meal or after the opening of the buffet when everyone has finished eating.

Idea 3: Fireworks / Table fireworks

Even if a real firework may be fired only on New Year’s Eve, there are still more minor variants wi e table fireworks, which can become a real highlight by a professional hand. Fireworks are paid for by the show and have great things in store.

Idea 4: Entertainer/solo entertainer

Hiring a solo entertainer means getting an all-rounder who can create a good atmosphere in between, warble a few songs, tell jokes and animate the guests (for example, for a polonaise). Like no other, he can turn the mood right and involve guests if it is professional.

Idea 5: Child make-up

If you have planned a children’s party, ghost party, or Indian party, then part of the party entertainment can be to offer professional children’s make-up at tables with supervision.

Idea 6: Bands and singers

A more expensive and elaborate idea for party entertainment can, of course, be a band or singer. This requires a small stage, a microphone, and the right equipment. Bars can be hired for a more extended evening or a few songs.

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Idea 7: Stripper or Stripping

Typically for bachelor parties, a show acting as a stripper can heat the mood quiet. The bachelor and the birthday child are danced with great music, a light show, and a private dance interlude.

Idea 8: Event photography

Get a professional photographer on board who offers event photography at the celebration. For example, prepare a photo corner in a small corner with masks, costumes, and funny gimmicks from the carnival and let all the guests take funny photos.

Idea 9: Artists / Jugglers

An artist’s performance is fun to watch and loosens the atmosphere. Confirmed artists and jugglers can bring a lot of action to your party. Afterward, the party continues.

Idea 10: Comedian

For quieter parties, a comedian can be a fun addition to the party entertainment. Unfortunately, many more minor comedians are not funny, and good ones cost a lot of money. It’s better to listen to a show before booking.

Idea 11: Karaoke interludes.

Even if you don’t throw a typical karaoke party, a few sessions of karaoke singing can be helpful guest entertainment at parties if you have a few guests who enjoy doing so.

Idea 12: Modeling balloons.

More suitable for children’s parties, you can hire an artist to sculpt fantastic figures out of balloons and hand them out to children.

Idea 13: Professional DJ

Friends often take on the job of DJ, but how about hiring a professional DJ for 1-2 hours? In that case, ensure you have enough lighting effects and party lasers. This is where the party can begin.

Idea 14: Board games.

The classic party entertainment is the party games, as numerous as the party music. Pick the suitable match at the right time, and you’ll be on the right side.

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Idea 15: Pantomime

A pantomime artist is also more suitable for quieter parties. He quickly captivates the audience but cannot change the mood as much as a relatively quiet program.

Idea 16: Animation artist

A so-called animation artist can have an animating effect on guests and, like an entertainer, coax them to dance, have fun or play a few games. He can be a great help at parties that don’t want to get going.

Provide your party entertainment

It is always challenging to organize professional entertainment events on a small budget. To some extent, of course, you can put together your entertainment program and make it look pretty professional.

For example, a photo event, face painting, and a moderator can also be provided by friends and family members. A buddy can also be dressed up and announced as a hip DJ.

Karaoke and possibly a tiny costume show can certainly be realized among best friends and contribute to entertainment at parties.

However, everything has its limits here, and one must honestly say that with a specific budget, one can bring on board a professional who can put a party in a completely different light. You can set up events and highlights that would not be possible otherwise.

Experience also shows that party organizers are relatively busy and have little time to take care of the entertainment. Organizing this externally saves time and nerves and should be used. 

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