10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Ideas and How to Build it

10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Ideas and How to Build it

Backyard Barbecue Ideas – Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means. It’s time to start thinking about grilling! I love cooking outdoors. Not only does it seem healthier than cooking food indoors, but it’s also very relaxing to cook outside.

If you love to grill outdoors in the summer, you must have a grill, right? If not, I have a great post for you. I found 10 great DIY grills that you should set up in your backyard barbecue ideas this summer. These are all super easy to build and will give you lots of enjoyment all summer long.

Not only are these DIY grills easy to build, but they’re also pretty inexpensive. You can even build one of these for as little as $2! Some of them are portable, so they’re perfect for camping trips.

They will make you an expert at survival in the great outdoors! Even if camping isn’t your thing, check out these 10 homemade grills you can use to cook outdoors this summer.

I usually host a few get-togethers during the summer months, and I always enjoy grilling when I have visitors. Many of these homemade grills are large enough to cook for quite a crowd.

Whether you’re looking for something temporary or portable, or you want to add a permanent outdoor grill to your backyard barbecue ideas, you’ll find the perfect DIY version here. I can’t wait for you to start grilling this summer!

This is 10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Ideas :

10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Ideas and How to Build it

1. Simple $2 DIY Charcoal Grill

You can make a very cheap and easy disposable charcoal grill with a $2 baking dish from the dollar store and some cheap cooling racks. Buy a lasagna pan or something deep enough to hold the charcoal well, and place this DIY grill on a fireproof surface when you use it. Grab some old cinder blocks to protect your little grill while you use it.

2. DIY Concrete Block Grill

A few old concrete blocks and a large piece of the metal grill are all you need to have a great grill in your backyard barbecue ideas this summer. This grill is very quick and easy to make yourself.

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You can set it up in just an hour or so, and it has a large cooking surface so you can entertain anyone you want and have plenty of room to grill. There are so many creative ways to use concrete blocks in your home and garden!

3. DIY Brick Barbecue

I love this DIY brick grill. It’s not that hard to build and is perfect if you do a lot of outdoor partying in warm weather. You will need some bricks that you can reuse if you have some on hand. Even if you have to buy all the materials for it, you will spend less if you make it yourself than if you build it.

4. DIY Terra Cotta Grill Smoker

If a smoker appeals to you more than a charcoal grill, then this DIY terra cotta smoker is for you. The smoker is very easy to make and quite inexpensive, depending on where you get your terracotta pots.

You can easily make it in an afternoon, and it’s perfect for making your brisket and a variety of other delicious summer dishes. Plus, you can regulate the heat, so it’s great for all kinds of dishes.

5. DIY Granite Countertop Grill

This DIY grill is made of wood and granite, which you can buy at any hardware store. If you are updating your kitchen countertop, you can use leftover or old granite that you want to replace.

This is a pretty simple project that will create the perfect grill table for your patio or backyard barbecue ideas. You get a grill, a granite countertop for serving, and a cutting board all in one.

6. DIY Rocket Stove

This DIY rocket stove is perfect for outdoor cooking. It works like a traditional stove, but for grilling. You fill it up with wood and it perfectly cooks whatever you want to grill.

There are a few materials to build this with, but many of them are reusable. You can use metal paint cans or coffee cans for the bottom if you don’t have institutional-size steel cans.

7. Portable terracotta pot grill

This small grill can be made with inexpensive terracotta pots and is perfect if you want something that will fit on the table. You can make it any size you want, depending on the size of your terracotta pot, of course.

Aside from the pot, all you need is a shelf for your food, and if you use a fairly large pot, you can line the bottom with old bricks to fill the bottom and retain heat. Add a non-electric refrigerator with terracotta pots and you have your little outdoor kitchen.

8. DIY grill for the fire pit

If you want to build your grill and you want the excitement of having a fire pit in your backyard barbecue ideas, this DIY fire pit grill is perfect. You build this with decorative concrete rings and then simply place your grill in the center.

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It’s a great way to warm up on a cold evening or cook all your favorite grilled foods all summer long, and it’s a pretty inexpensive DIY grill to build.

9. Used Toolbox Grill

If you have an old metal toolbox that you no longer use, you can turn it into the perfect backyard grill for the summer. You can do this with any size toolbox. If you have a larger size, you can build a big grill where you can cook all your favorite barbecue stuff at the same time. All you need to do is coat the toolbox with heat-resistant paint and add a few essentials.

10. DIY Yakitori Grill

A few trays and some other small contraptions are all you need to build this awesome little Japanese grill. It’s the perfect grill for making skewers, and you can make several skewers at once depending on how long you make the grill. Skewers are a healthy and delicious summer dish that you can easily make with your yakitori grill.

How to Build Backyard Brick Barbecue Gril

How to Build Backyard Brick Barbecue Grill

Planning a brick barbecue for your garden

A masonry grill may be easier to build than most people think. For serious grill masters, a brick grill is ideal for outdoor parties with family and friends. Since it’s a permanent fixture, think about future convenience before beginning this project.

Step 1: Choose a location

First, choose a location for the grill. Remember that the grill cannot be moved once it is finished. The grill should be comfortable so you can return to the kitchen frequently. Do not place the grill near flammable materials or under low branches.

How big should it be?

Four feet by four feet is a good size to consider when deciding how big to build a grill.

Step 2: Dig an area and place boards around the hole.

At the chosen spot, dig out the dimensions of the grill, which should be at least six inches deep. Place four five-inch wide boards along the edges of the hole. Cut them to the desired length once the area is excavated.

Step 3: Pour and shape cement.

Ready-mixed concrete or concrete mixed on-site can be used. Regular mortar mixes require the use of rebar for stability, and ready mixes are fiber-reinforced.

Pour the cement into your mold and fill the hole. The concrete needs to be molded as it cures. Form with a slight slope from front to back, toward the hole. This will improve stormwater runoff and keep the disposal area clean.

Notes: The foundation must dry for at least forty-eight hours before proceeding.

Step 4: Purchase grills and pans while the foundation is drying.

One step that can be done while the foundation is drying is to purchase a grill and fire/drip pan. You can purchase these at your local hardware or home improvement store, as they will be needed to help lay the bricks for the grill. Before you lay the stones for the grill, make sure there are five or six inches of clearance between the grill and the firebox below.

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Consider grill shelves and height

This is also the time to decide if and how many shelves the grill should have. Two or three shelves to store cooking utensils and spices can be useful and should be decided before laying the bricks.

The height of the grill is a very important factor to consider. Will it be used by several people or just one main person in the household? If it will be used by the grill master of the house, it should be built at a comfortable working height for the master. The right height makes it more comfortable for the user, so they don’t have to bend over or stretch out while cooking.

Step 5: Moisten the bricks

Thoroughly wet the bricks with a garden hose the day before installation so the bricks can hold moisture. Dry bricks absorb water from nearby sources and deprive the mortar mix of needed water, preventing the cement from setting properly. If you wet the bricks the day before you use them, they will retain the moisture they need, but they will feel dry to the touch.

Step 6: Practice Your Brick Layout

Do a drying exercise with the bricks. Lay the bricks as if you were laying them, only without mortar. After you’ve determined the proper layout, take a pencil and mark the template around your stacked bricks.

Step 7: Mix mortar and lay bricks.

Mix Quickrete or mortar according to the instructions on the package. Use about 1/2 inch of mortar between bricks. Use a level to ensure that the bricks are properly aligned in all directions.

For novice masons, it is sometimes easier to follow the template markings and lay out the corners first. Follow the marks on the outline until the stones for the grill base are in place and straight. Check the base row to make sure it is level; the bricks can be tapped into position with the butt of a trowel.

Add reinforcement

If the grill is 4-5 stories high, attach reinforcing bars at the appropriate height to support the weight of the grill grates and firebox. Once the grill has had enough time to dry, it is ready for use.

Hopes the articles awesome backyard barbecue ideas and how to build it can help you to get the ideas for your backyard. Also read tips to turn your garden into a true oasis of relaxation.